Help with avatar

Didn’t know where else to put this waste of a thread. Can I only upload an avatar from a PC? I wanna do it from my iPhone but cant seem to find how. Don’t know that last time I used my Dino-age PC and I don’t feel like fucking around with it, because as you may know or may not know, fucking computers is annoying, and a little painful(IF yu know what I mean)

But all jokes aside did you guys use a mobile device and set up an avatar without hassle? If so please tell me how because im super new to SRK but starting to be more and active and GOTTA rep my Girl Nina Williams from Tekken.

It probably would have been better to post in the lounge thread, there should be a drop menu when you hover over your user name on the top right, maybe the ads are covering it up??

No I can get All the way to the avatar customize screen, but all thats there is a grayed out upload box and “use gravatar” whatever the fuck that is.

And thank you for giving a shit.

I don’t, I just had a big launch which has left me too tired to troll

Big lunch? Its not even 10:00 AM in my region .

I wonder what his avatar is going to be!! :smiley:

… Not sure if serious, orrrr

I am gonna bet that it would be a SFxT’s Nina av, you know, predictabo

I actually planned on it being Pikachu. Ya know when he fell out of the basket of the bike that Ash stole from Misty.

ANYWAYS can someone just give me an answer instead of using my density for amusement?

You think so? I wonder if he’ll use the render from SFxT or Tekken Tag 2.

He like SFxT, so we already know that he has bad/poor taste, i don’t expect better than a pic of his hideous re-color of Nina
In the worst/best case scenario, he would use a fan art that he did him self

Nah, you are only saying that to be contrary to what i said, you know deep down that you want to use that Nina fan art that you did with so much love and passion

Uhhh fan art? Sure you got me bro
I like SFxT fucking deal with it and stop crying about it seriously.

Yea, I can see him going for a fan-art type avatar relating to SFxT.
But we’ll have to wait and see what avatar he puts on before you can take my money!

Uhhh maybe if you people can answer the fucking question!!! Then MAYBE you’ll find out.