Help with arcade stick moves

So I’ve been playing dante on a pad since it came out. Recently a friend of mine is letting me use his arcade stick, because I wanted to be good on the arcade stick. Now so far I can do his bold cancel’s (sometimes) but im only having one MAJOR issue. I CAN NOT, use his volcano into beehive, I have trouble doing two dragon punches(have trouble on that input notation since day one in fighting games) but on the stick it seems like it’s near impossible. Me and my friends spent ten minutes trying to do it once, and only I did it ONCE and that was after a long time.

My question is, is there something im missing? I go to arcades all the time and im naturally good with the arcade stick, but i can’t do two dragon punches fast as I need to…What should I do?

Sorry if this was posted somewhere, like arcade stick help or something random, but I didn’t see one and since im having trouble with Dante only I figured it would be ok, anyway, can anyone help?

it just takes practice


pretty much this. it took me awhile to even do volcano xx beehive on stick. btw try doing this motion since it’s much easier for me.


with this motion i do 90% of the time on both sides. just practice up.

You can buffer in the first SRK for a short period like D_Dollars mentioned.

Or even:

Good tips everyone I am finally starting to practice on my fighting game skills and am reading up on alot of things so thanks everyone