Help With Analogs and LEDs

Is there any way to get the analogs to work on an arcade stick? My reasons are that I have noticed a lot of the xbox arcade games require the analogs and not the dpad. If I make this cabinet I would want it to work with a couple other arcade games as well.

Also, how hard is it to make the pushbuttons LED lit? I would be using a Xbox360 padhack, if someone could point me in the right direction it would be great


Digital Joysticks are on/off. Analog joysticks are super expensive. The LS-64 is the cheapest option it seems.
Seimitsu LS-64 - Gremlin Solutions.
You can also get that from

There are lots of ways to do LED mods to Joysticks.

One of my Favorite boards is the FGWidget LED board
Toodles FGWidget LED Controller Kit

Of if you are cheap.
Arcade Stick Modding: Button LED on Press Mod for Toodles Cuthulu

The one only other think I could think mrephunk thinking about is to hack a regular digital joystick to work as the controlls from the analog thumb pad from a PCB.
Simple Analog to Digital joystick conversion
Here is a guide I found while googling for the solution, it is similar to a trigger inversion hack, but more complicated

Toodles 360^2 Helper would also work, using the above guide as insight on how this hack would go.

There are some other analog arcade sticks out there:
Welcome to Ultimarc, the Ultimate in Arcade Controls.
and there’s also 49-way sticks which are a sort of in-between
49-Way Joystick