Help with air dashes! :(

Hi all,

I keep coming back to tony & really enjoy playing him & love the synergy of the team I’m playing (Viper[Y]/IM[A]/Strider[Y]) & ideally want to make it work without swapping tony for doom. Got the KK down to a T, space control is good also as I like to keep on the defence with him but his F**KING air dashes in combos is giving me real problems. Can anybody give me any advice or simple combos which use air dashes & flight to help get use to this so I can finally learn his TAC stuff? Never played doom so air dash cancelling normals is all new & very tricky for me.

Cheers in advance.

Edit: I’ve also been trying some of these combos but some thing isn’t clicking…

When it comes to Iron Man, unless you are playing him to his maximum potential you need to keep it simple. Air dashes in combos (to me) should be reserved to Air Confirms or TACs. there are some example Air Confirms, I personally would suggest finding the one that you think is easiest and you can pull off most consistently. TAC infinites I personally just air dash diagonal down to right above the fly-dash zone (the area that you can still air dash while flying) and confirm into a basic TAC infinite that I put together.

It all really comes down to muscle memory, just practice and it will come to you almost second nature. But seriously work on being effective with Iron Man before you try being flashy.