Help with a Makoto Avatar

I need a bomb ass Makoto avatar it doesnt matter what it looks like really as long as Makoto is on it ya heard me…obviously by my name you would know why i want a makoto only avatar…thanks go out to anyone that helps…late

i got this one :slight_smile:

one thing though… makoto pics are hard to come across, especially sprites


i have a good quality sprite. Fit for an avatar of course.

Gimme teh 3s sprites!

here’s the cleaned up one with ur underscore

thanks so much man u’ve been a great help and now all shall know u are the best when they see my avi…thanks alot

Makoto sprite I found somewhere.


why does it look like shit???

did u save it as a gif or something?

if u kept it as a jpg, it would look a TON nicer…

right click the image, and save it to ur hard drive as a jpg, and then upload it back up into ur profile, and it will look better

now it looks like i made a grainy piece of crap

and here it is again, in case the one i uploaded from the start was shitty… idk