Help with a character which isn't complicated

I’ve been playing SSF4 for quite some time and since the new update ( AE 2012 ). I want to find a character which is damaging but doesn’t require to do FADC’s ( I’m bad at them ). Any advice?

Sorry if this is in the wrong section.

I’ll imagine someone will tell you this should have been posted in the Newbie boards…

…but in the meantime, have you tried Balrog?

i’ve played with him a few times but that’s about it. Anybody else you would recommend? I’ll try and give it a go

A character who doesn’t require FADC’s to be really good with him - what I mean by that is Tournament worthy





do you guys know any top balrog players, so I can see how balrog is played at a high level.

PR Balrog in US & -R- from Japan(his online ID is ice0age r)

you might as well start learning fadc, no character is tournament worthy if the player cant fadc even if you play someone like balrog or honda

If you are not even willing to learn FADC, then you are not tournament worthy

Play honda newbie.

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Ibuki doesn’t need FADCs. :wink:

Dhalsim of course

T. Hawk don’t use FADC… maybe Zangief too.

this is the best comment ever.

The question mark character is the bestest.