HELP WANTED: Looking for Japanese translators for upcoming Capcom VS SNK fan series!

Hello, everyone!

First off, lemme introduce myself, i’m DDRAce85, i’m new tho this community, it’s nice to meet you all!

I am in a lookout for anyone who are intermediate or fluent in the Japanese language. I don’t know where else to post my topic, so i’d figure I start here if it’s not any trouble.

The reason why I ask is because I am in need of several line translations for a script me and my Voice Actors are currently working on. It’s based off of Capcom and SNK featuring classic and current characters, and we want it to have a bit of an international feel to it. It’s a fan-based, non-profit project with an original story that’s inspired by previous Capcom and SNK story, so it’s technically a visual series, using sprites and original artwork as main mediums. Of course I will have them apply the “Fair Use” thing in big bold text in the start of every video.

The main characters that I will be portraying are Japanese, but I want the lines to sound true to their national origins as possible. Of course they will be speaking English throughout the series, but in certain instances they can express themselves in their native tongue.

So if you, or if you know anyone, who is interested, please reply here as soon as possible! You will be credited for your help!

Thank you!