Help understanding meaties?

Beginner’s question about meaties here. Situation: I’m trying to learn Nash’s meaty pressure setups using this tutorial video. Assuming that frame data hasn’t changed since the video, I don’t seem to fully understand either “frame perfect” and/or “manual” meaties.

I initially thought that frame perfect means I can’t afford to have any idle frames in the sequence, or I’ll be too late. In other words I have to input everything seamlessly. But I can easily do this supposedly frame perfect sequence (video time 3:30) way too fast, so that my cr.MP whiffs and I get hit by the wakeup reversal move (Zangief’s lariat). It works if I slow down a bit. So I have to manually delay the normal… = manual meaty? Can anyone explain what might be happening or what I’m misunderstanding?

Any help is appreciated!

PS. If I use a jab as the wakeup move, it doesn’t say “Reversal” on the opponent’s side, even though while recording it does. I can also hit them without it being a counterhit, which led me to think the game is somehow leaving an idle frame before launching the jab. I gave up for now and switched the wakeup move to lariat.

From my understanding, when reference usually is made to a frame-perfect meaty, this usually means that the meaty hits on the last active frame. What i thought Nargull meant by perfect meaties is what you said, i.e. not having any idle frame in the sequence, but this also does not make sense for 2 reasons:

  1. you are saying that you have to add a delay for it to hit meaty; and
  2. he mentioned that after dash nash is +6, and you could use s. Mp, cr. Mp, and b+mk for a frame perfecf setup. Mp’s startup is 6 whereas b+mk is 5.

Maybe what he meant was that the setup was perfect in that no matter which option you chose, mp or mk, it would hit meaty/on an active frame.