Help to Silence Hrap4

So, summer is coming and i’m going to be 1 month of vacation in a couple of weeks. Being on vacation means, play lots of figthing games in the night. My biggest problem is that i recently moved from my old house, and this one the walls are made of paper, i can hear everything my neighbors do and first of all, don’t want to boarder the rest of the people in the house since i don’t live alone. I really don’t want to disturb anyone i need to a way to silence my fighting stick and spend little money.
I looked into Foam Washers (i supose they work on the kuro buttons and someone from Europe sells them), and that probably is a nice way to start, still I don’t know if i will like the feel of the buttons after that. I don’t have any ideia how to silence a stick. After all this i still think that will not be enought. I was thinking about a box not closed with the silence foam or egg boxes (almost the same effect).

Any ideias will be welcome.


Get Omron D2RV microswitches, 4 of them, and wire them up manually.

The sanwa silent parts worked wonders for me. If you dont get the buttons, at least get the silent JLF. Its a world of difference in sound.

Yea that’s what the D2RV is for, I think it’s around $30 for a set of 4, and they’re the switches inside the silent JLF. He can wire them up to his Hayabusa and you don’t have to pay and extra $25-30 for the whole joystick. He only needs to replace the switches, not the whole thing. A stiffer spring can be considered considering the D2RV is lighter than the stock Omron switches.

If you need something cheaper then the Omron D2RVs, get the zippy sanwa kit $10 or just x4 Ultra Light zippys @ $0.85each from Paradise Arcade Shop they’re very quiet compared to a stock Sanwa JLF. You’ll have to modify the four switches before installing though if you want similar performance to the Omron switches. Cutting up a credit card to use as spacer between the plunger & metal contact works perfect for me.

Thanks for all the help guys.
I think i can get some microswitches if the only thing i have to do is remove the old ones and the cables and put the new ones without any modification on the hayabusa.
If someone can get me a website that sell them cheap with low shipping cost to Europe and for the Foam Washers too.
Thanks again.

The Omron website shows all official distributors of the microswitch, doesn’t really look like there’s any European distributors: should have the foam pads. And yes, no modification to the Hayabusa’s base, just desoldering and soldering on the switches really.