Help running games on MAME

I just downloaded MAME 32 v0.67 with Kaillera v0.9 and i can’t get games to run. Yes i do have the roms but when ever i select a game a menu pop ups can says the files were not found. I used to use this progarm last year and it worked fine. Werid…
So what do i need to do to run the games?

Get .64…

Use the damn kawaks!! ^^

OK i think i figured it out. For ceratain games you need to download 2 sets of zips for the game to run. It’s werid how the zips arn’t called part 1 and part 2. U guys should put a sticky on how to run games on MAME.

actually, what it is is some roms need a parent set to run. for instance, ssf2t needs ssf2 to run, as ssf2t is sort of an expansion to it. Think of it like diablo 2 lord of destruction. You can’t play LOD without having D2 installed, can you?

If you all would like, I COULD do a mame tutorial, i suppose. It’s up to you.

Yes please do.

I always thought it was pretty simple :confused:. Then again I’m a geek so I guess I would.

wtf? this is common sense bro, nothing hard about it.

just look at the mame game list, it should tell you the parent roms for everything.

It’s pretty easy to make. Step-by-step description with a pic here and there isn’t too hard to follow for people.

How come i have both US and Asia versions of Marvel Super Heroes but only the Asia version wokrs? Or How come i have like ST parent file Super Street Fighter II, but only ST works? What if i wanted to play Super? Huh? See it doesn’t make much sense. Oh on a some what off topic thing: i never get lag when im playing online. What the hell are some of you complaining about?

Oh boy, you are a smart one.

Super does work on MAME, every version of Super works on mame, you must be mixing different builds or your rom is old or to new or your MAME version is to old or to new. Maverl Super Heros USA dump does not work in MAME, but the Europe version does.

EVERYONE has lag, when you are playing fighters on ANY CONNECTION it is always present, “lagging” (even if it be milliseconds) your inputs.

How about doing some research or asking on a emulation board.

yea. plz do that, there’s functions in it i can’t do cuz i dunno how, and some i’m totally unaware of

I wanted to start a thread like this, but wasn’t sure if it was against the rules or anything…

I am having mad trouble running Neo Geo roms. Yes, I have those 3 files you need. Mame doesn’t recognize them at all. My theory is I have the Neo Geo home game roms and not Arcade roms…can anyone help me w/ this?

Also, Raiden 2, one of my favorite shooters, doesn’t work! It runs but it is allllll flocked up. Is it just not emulated right or do I need a special rom or what gives???

Damn I wish I woulda kept Raiden Project for PS1…

oHHHHHhhhh K.

Neo-Geo roms are the same as other games. You only need the bios in the roms folder to make them work. If you are using that super shitty old version that everyone is using for online play, ALOT of the Neo-Geo games have been redumped since then, and will play, but look like a bunch of blocks/mess making them unplayable. There are few “home” neo-geo games. All the ones on the net are MVS (Arcade) dumps. PM me if you are still lost. You either don’t have the right bios, or your dumps are to new, or to old, or your MAME is to old, or to new. Download Kawaks and see if your Neo-Geo roms run in that. Kawaks needs a certian 1 of the 2 neo-geo drivers to work.

Raiden 2 does not work in MAME. Before you get something look at the MAME gamelist to see whats working/in devlopment.

I have mame and mslug5 and when I send the game and the rom to another personn… it doesnt work… whats up wit that?

im not sure if I added any Bios… I 4get.

Parryperson: Thanks, I’ll AIM you later on when I have time to mess around w/ Mame.

So Raiden 2 don’t work in MAME…is there an Emu out there that does run it??

I don’t even want Raiden 2 so much as Raiden DX. I remember when I saw Raiden DX at the Ames department store one time. I 0 thought it was some crazy chinease hack or something, and didn’t play it. Why I didn’t play it I cannot remember. Then when I came back to play it a few days later it was gone! Vanished! I thought I had dreamt the whole thing but it was real. I gotta play that shit…