Help RPD get the sound back on his speakers: gogogo

Computer is originally a Windows 98’ Gateway that I added the Windows XP upgrade to in order to allow me to use the on campus internet. The speakers worked fine before but after the install, there is no sound at all. I downloaded a song just to begin restocking my music library and unfortunatelly discovered this.

Please tell me this is something that can be fixed.

Check your sound card driver, or maybe the card is loose.

Yeah, I already did that. A friend walked me through it and said if there weren’t any question marks next to the icons that he wasn’t sure what to do.

There’s not a program I can download to fix it can I?

Go the site of the people who made your sound card and download the latest driver anyway. It could still clear up any problems even if your device manager is not giving you a “?”.

Also, and I know this sounds stupid, but it’s worked for me in the past. I had a computer that the sound stopped working, and what I did was reboot the computer, hit whatever key it is to enter the setup (it will say as the computer starts up) and then hit F5 (restore all defaults), after restoring all the defaults for all the options I let it boot up and the sound was back. It’s fixed “no sound” issues for both Windows ME, and XP, for me, but who knows it could be a flukey thing, but that has worked for me on more than one occasion.

rpd, what might have happened is that you corrupted the sound drivers in general thus resulting in the lack of sound. if you’ve tried installing the drivers from the manufacturers website to no avail, then the aforementioned is what happened. You can try do a clean install to remedy the situation otherwise your left with 2 options. 1) buy a new card or 2) do a non destructive restore of your OS Albeit using win 98 then the upgrade. I know it sounds bad but trust me, this will work. not only that you could also download passmark burn in test from (sorry if i’m not supposed to post but trying to help a friend here) and stress test your system and see what the results tell you. hey, I’m a tech after all just thought I’d share some knowledge O_O

Also run services.msc and make sure that the Windows Audio service is running.

Things to try too:

  • Check if you have connected the speakers on the right connector in the back of the sound card.

  • Try to plug headphones or another pair of speakers on it and see if there’s sound.

  • Try another software to play your music (or the most updated version of the one you are using), maybe it is not supported by Windows XP.

Sorry if these things may appear dumb things to do, but it’s better check them. :wonder: