Help putting the brains of a Hori mini 4 into a MadCatz TE SC5

This is the first time ive ever attempted a mode like this. I was hoping to just strip the wires already on the Hori board and solder the wires from the TE that way. I’m really just interesting in figuring out what to solder where. If this has been posted somewhere else and I missed I aplogize

Well we do have the following

and this

none of this had the information I was looking for but thanks anyway :). I’m trying to figure out what wires I need to fuze together from the hori board to my TE

Are you sure? Darksakul’s post had thisfrom 9 days ago that pretty much labels all the contacts…

hi guy. the hori fighting stick mini has the pinouts for the main board at the bottom of the thread. you can solder those points to the corresponding points on your TE’s terminal board (the board where all the buttons connect to before going to the main pcb). after that you’ll have to solder the directional wires directly from the jlf to the hori board. then four more for the main usb lines and ur done

I’m an idiot. thanks guys!

I’m currently in the process of using a Hori mini 4 pcb as the brains for my Madcatz SC5 TE. I soldered the USB to the board but when I plugged it into my PC I wasn’t getting any signal. The weird thing is when I used the multi meter (set to 200m volts) the pc would then recognize that something was plugged in but stated that something was wrong with the device I plugged in and that windows had disconnected the device. here are pictures of the the soldering ive done so far. another oddity is that I’m not using the usb that came with the hori I’m using a different USB and it only has 1 ground wire. I have a VERY limited knowledge of electricity lol. At this point I assume the I fired the board (because I’m an idiot) but I figured before I trash the board I would post this here and hopefully you guys could help (couldn’t figure out how to post lmagine in the post so here are links

Honestly your soldering needs some major work. On your Button contacts, you got huge globs of solder covering both halfs of the contact. You only need one side or the other for that signal.
And your stripped wires have too much bare wire showing. You only need a few millimeters to solder the wire to the board. You also want to avoid any stray frays of wire that could create a short.

And last but not least, your multimeter. What were you testing when you set your multimeter at 200 millivolts?
If you are testing continuity, you need to set your multimeter to diode test or if you lack that mode to resistance testing.
200 mvolts is to test for voltage, and only on your Power and ground lines with the right probes on the right wires.


I’m glad you could provide some advice, because I look at that image and just shudder. It’s like the perfect example of how not to modify small electronics. Too much bare wire, bad soldering, terrible splicing, too much tape (or any tape at all, for that matter). It’s just so bad!