HELP! Problems with modded Madcatz TE stick

hey guys, Ive been having problems with my TE stick lately, its dual modded with a PCB so it works on both, ps3 and 360. But my problem is that, lately, the LK button ( A button for x360 and X for Ps3) seems to randomly stop working, sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesnt, sometimes I hold it for a while and then it works fine, but sometimes it just doesnt feel like working. How can I solve this? here are some images of the PCBs:

thanks in advance

sounds like a cold joint, resolder the button on both the chimp and the TE board

Microswitch in the push button is most likely. Open the lid, remove the two wires going to your LK button and your LP button, and swap them. Go into your game of choice preferably on 360, make sure to set the button config to match the new layout, and play your heart out. If LK (which is now the X button on 360) still sticks, is the physical pushbutton; grab a new one from LizardLick. If the problem now occurs on Jab (which is now the A button on 360) instead, then it’s an electrical/wiring problem. Post up and we’ll see if we can narrow it down.

ok I just did what you told me. I switched them and now the jab buttons randomly stops working so…it is an electrical/wiring problem. what do I do now?

So according to you, the original problem was LK and you swapped the wires from LK to LP and now LP is broken. Like toodles said, its an electrical problem if that is the case. Just take the solders around the LK button on the TE pcb and just reheat them with your soldering iron and dab a tiny bit more solder on there. DO NOT MOVE THE WIRE UNTIL IT IS SOLID. Repeat on the Chimp and see if there are still any problems.

Thing is though that he says it happens on both 360 and PS3 sides. If it was an intermittant connection failure between the chimp and 360 pcb, then the problem would never happen on 360.
Diveman, I need to you play around with it in training mode for a good long while, with input display on. Training mode SF4 locally on your 360, no online. Play with it enough so that you can definitely see that the problem exists on the 360 side, and enough that you can give a very detailed description of how it behavesm because your initial description isn’t very specific. After you have a clear idea of the problem, if it occurs, switch over the PS3 and do the same thing. The better you can vividly describe how the problem behaves on both PS3 and 360, the better the chances of us being able to figure out where the problem is.

oh no no, it happens on PS3 only, I havent tested it on a 360.