HELP! Problem with Quanba Q1 PS3

Hello I recently got a Quanba Q1 for the holidays and it already is starting to give me problems. For the first 2-3 days everything worked fine but now the stick is acting up real bad. Everything will work fine for a few minutes then the stick will randomly start disconnecting. It will do this for a few minutes then it starts to press buttons and directional inputs randomly (even when im not holding the stick)
Sometimes a error message will appear on my PS3 saying “An unknown USB device has been detected”. Because of this and it disconnecting I think it may have something to do with my PS3, but im not sure. I looked all over online for situations like this and did not find much. If anyone has any idea of how/why this is happening I would greatly appreciate it.
If you need more details I will gladly give them to you.

First thing I’d do is try it on another PS3 if you have the ability to do so.
Assuming the problem persists, if it’s that new and problematic already, I’d send it back and either get a replacement or a refund. If that’s not an option, your easiest fix (that I’m aware of) would be to buy a MC Cthulhu ( ) and hook up your buttons/stick directly to it- no soldering needed if you just want to use it on PS3 and PC.

Before you ever consider the Cthulhu, check the USB cable
Yous stick’s symptoms are suggesting a break in the wiring of the USB cable.
I consider replacing the USB cable before you think about replacing the PCB.

^ Worth trying first, definitely the cheaper option. Still, if the stick is malfunctioning days after purchase, I’d lean towards replacement/refund, assuming the seller has to eat the shipping. Your warranty may be voided by opening the stick, which would mean you’re S.O.L. (in terms of the seller making it right) if it’s a PCB issue.