Help please

ok, so I’m a stick noob, I admit it. Simple question, hopefully not hopeless for me to fix

I have a SF AE stick. my triangle button is stuck in. how do I fix it? (no, i can’t install a new button, I have none, and don’t know how to put a new one in anyway. I’m able to get it out, but when it’s pressed, it stays in. Please help.

You should be able to remove it, take it part and clean it out. I remember there was a thread that showed how to clean out buttons.

Edit: This thread might help you out on taken the button apart:

I’ve been reading various threads about sticks and stuff lately and I think MegamanDS made a post regarding this. He said he scrapped the insides out with a knife and used one of them air spray cans…

I think? :confused: Might wanna holla at him.