Help please regarding what restricter plate,spring,handle,button combination i need

hi, i have decided to get the mad catz combat panel.
My TE stick should arrive about the same time hopefully.

To play mortal kombat what should i order?

so far i’e got …
2 x Red obsf-30 buttons
2 x dark blue obsf-30’s
1 x yellow obsf-30
are these the correct buttons for the Mad Catz SF4 TE round 2 ?

(i will already have a white one for the block button)

Now here’s where i need your help fellas…

If i get the sanwa LB-30N bat-top will i need anything else? e.g a new type of spring, Sanwa GT-Y restricter gate perhaps? or is the square one fine?

or are ball tops better anyway?

Any help will be much appreciated as this is my first stick ever and have 0 experiance.

Thanks, Rik

did you get the adapter?
Sanwa Bat Top Adapter

yeh i will add it to if i go for the bat top.
I just read somewhere that if i get a bat top i might need to replace a spring, or plate i can’t remember and jus want your guys input on that really… and are the buttons right? or should i go with suiemtsu ones?.. stuff like that… i have to order tomorrow so any help right now would be good as i have to order in 16 hours after this message is posted (im in uk)

You’ll need an adapter for tue Bat top and as for spring it’s just for stiffer feel and that’s all personal preferences. There are many ways to make the JLF stiffer. As for the square/octagonal/circle gate that’s also preferences.

What ever fits your preference.

But honestly if you are going for that MK cab feel, I go with a Bat top. the stock Square restrictor on Sanwa sticks are fine.
Some people like ball tops more. If you are unsure you can always get both tops, and try out to see which handle feels better to you.
The stock spring is FINE, but if you want a stiffer spring get the Seimetsu LS-32 spring and replace the Sanwa spring with it.
Anything else is extra and you do not need it.

As for buttons, any Sanwa or Seimentsu 30 mm size buttons is good, and color is just a mater of personal preference/style.

Since you say you have No experience, stay with the stock spring and restrictor gate for now, handle tops are easy to change since they just unscrew. At the underside of the joystick, there is a slot where you can fit a flat head screw driver in place to tighten the ball or bat top in place so the top do not unscrew.

I would probably go for the light blue OBSF-30s. The Dark Blue are actually closer to gamecube indigo in person.

If you get a bat top, don’t forget to remove the shaft cover. It doesn’t screw on properly with that on.

Also, buy to the following to experiment the following with adjusting the JLF to your liking.

GT-Y octagon gate or
GT-C circle gate.

LS-33 spring to add into the spring in your stick, or
LS-55 spring to replace the spring your stick, or
LS-32 Spring to replace the spring in your stick

Might as well try them all.

thanks darksakul and rtdzign that’s a great help.
I will order the stiffer spring for the bat top so i have it if it feels too loose.

Just trying to decide what colour buttons to get now.
all red might look a bit plain, i like the idea of having different colours for kicks,punches and block.

thanks again very helpfull.

I’ll recommend trying the GT-Y Octagonal Restrictor Gate. People say they like square gates because its easier to hit the corners. But you know what, I found it too hard to hit the straight directions! With the Octagon gate, I can feel the corners, and the sides, and I don’t feel like i get trapped in the corners like the square gate.

The combat panel has a package with six dark hai buttons for 10 bucks more on gameshark store.

Got it today…
I ordered the obsf-30 buttons, bat top and converter,tighter spring to try out but the one in it seems ok, obsf-24 for the start etc. but they havn’t arrived yet.

But i got my TE stick and combat panel today :slight_smile:
I fitted the panel etc.

Just finding it hard to adjust to a stick instead of a pad…
Because i have 0 experiance on a fightstick i suppose i will have to practice.
i seem to be faster on a pad like 2nd nature, and have to keep looking where the buttons are on the stick.

Can’t wait to get the bat-top, and eventually figure out how to change the art to a better MK one.
I’ll post a pic when i have it all sorted. thanks again for your help.

Just practice you’ll get better. Enjoy playing with your stick (no pun) lol

Yeh just had a 2 hour bash on MK9 with it.
I’m all over the place!! finding it hard to adjust from a PS3 control pad that i know where everything is to this stick feels odd.
I keep hitting R2 instead of square, finding it hard to quickly go from holding block to say doing triangle,sqaure,circle combo as efficiantly as on the controller.

Got frustrated and called it a night, i suppose i just need to keep practicing to get the feel really is what advice i would give someone.

Do people hold R2 with their middle finger and use the index and ring finger and sometimes a thumb to do all the buttons like i am or is there a better way?

just got my parts from gremlinsolutions this morning.
Loving the bat-top over the ball.

Only problem is they have sent me 2 red and black obsf-30’s instead of 2 obsf-24’s for start and select… numptys. :slight_smile:

Well that’s good i just got a reply from gremlin solutions telling me to keep the 2 obsf-30’s and they will send out the correct parts tuesday.

Didn’t want to start a new thread, so I figured I’d just reply here.

With making the JLF stiffer, is it better to go with an LS-33 inside the stock spring, or replace it with an LS-32? Which is stiffer and which is better long-term solution?

Update: For reference, I’m going to be putting a bat top and octagonal gate on my MvC3 TE stick and wanted to make it stiffer in the process.

I personally don’t like 2 springs in the stick. I’ve never been able to put both in without it feeling like the 2 springs are snapping and sliding across each other.

I suggest the LS-32 or LS-55 whole spring replacement.

FYI in the stickies there is a newbie thread that you can ask questions like these.

Thanks! I’m going to order both the LS-32 and LS-55 and see which I like better.