Help out a beginner?

I just started playing this again after not touching it for months. I used to use Shazam, Killer Frost, and sometimes Ares, but I wasn’t particularly good with any of them. I decided to drop all of them and start fresh, so I’ve been practicing with Black Adam and Lobo. I’ve got a few bnbs down, but I still do horrible online. I feel like no matter who I face I just end up getting rushed down and I really don’t know what to do about. To be honest it’s pretty annoying. I really do enjoy playing this game, but it just sucks feeling like everyone online is better than me. Anyone got any general tips to help me not get destroyed all the time?

My advice - don’t bother, this game is a piece of shit.

comes to injustice forum
calls game a piece of shit

Dat class.

To not get destroyed I recommend doing the keep-away, vortex bullshit. This is why I dropped the game. I like it, I want to really like it cause I’m a huge comic buff. But this vortex craps pisses me off. Just so many issues in the game. I’ve been playing since launch and I still get lit up. The game is hardly fun because of this vortex/keep-away crap. Some say deal with it it’s supposed to be challenging. Sure, I play Twelve in 3S and playing Oro or Urien is challenging but also fun. The challenge of putting up with fireballs that knock you down full-screen away with fast start-up, little recovery on a screen the length of the Titanic is the complete opposite of fun. There are lot of problems in this game, alot of strings and moves seem so safe that if you try to punish them you get punished instead.

Same time I wanna keep playing and get good. Like I said I’m a huge comic buff, especially for DC atm. But yes, like you understand it is very frustrating. I don’t use any of your characters my line-up is Batman, Hawgirl, Catwoman and General Zod. You could try testyourmight, but they’ll tell you the same thing more or less, troll with the fireball crap. For the injustice scene here at SRK is dead. Though if you’re on PSN I’d be willing to play you.

You should be going to

That website has all the resources for Injustice and people who would actually want to help you.

If you play on PC, add me: BasiX12 and in the middle of the training, I will help you with any question, strategy, character you want.

On Steam.