Help needed to wire an audio jack on a Fightpad PCB


I recently made a total custom stick with a madcatz fightpad pcb and I wanted to wire an audio jack (to connect the xbox 360 mic).
I just don’t understant where to wire the jack :confused:

Does anyone know where I should wire the jack ?

(the jack :

It can be done but for the price just get the 360 wireless Mic.

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I just didn’t know this existed :confused:

By the way, I don’t realy want to buy new accessories or things like that. As you confirmed that it’s possible, I will try to wire the audio jack on the pcb.

Just get an extension cord and run it to wherever you want and drill a hole in the case for the other end with the plug. I’ve seen someone do it before but don’t remember who did it.

just get a male stereo jack and plug it into the pad! than wire the 3 cables to that thing you have linked! i did the exact same thing with my old stick

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Ok, after many tries, I finaly found the right connections.

I made a quick picture, in case of anyone had the same idea (even if it seems to be a “not so cool idea” :stuck_out_tongue: ) :

:slight_smile: ok well at least you figured it out. The other option was doing what others mentioned. I only suggested you just over look it and get a wireless because you could potentially mess up the PCB while soldering for Mic. Capability. You seem to 100% know what your doing though so I’m sure it will turn out great.

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Yes, it works well now :slight_smile: Thx for your advices.