Help Needed: MVC2 Sprites

I’m looking for a site with the animated sprites (not sure what they’re called in actuality) for Marvel Vs. Capcom 2. If anyone could post a link, it’d be greatly appreciated.


Or are they called rips…
I dunno. I’m so very confused.

it’s a start



MvC2 Sprites: (Not all of them, but a whole lot though)


I actually have all of the sprites for MvC2. I can send it through AIM alittle later. PM me or hit me up on aim : feartetsuo.

You guys are awesome.

I tried google, but I couldn’t find what I really wanted.

I’ll pm you when I have access to aim, combo

Can you host it for the rest of us? :smiley:

Yeah, that’d be nice too.

Heh, awesome. Thanks for sharing!

No problem. If anyone needs anything else mvC2 related hit me up, i might have it.

ok dude i got the sprites and ever since i download that anti leech crap i have been recieving pop ups like non stop… i unstalled that shit and i still have massive pop ups. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO GET RID OF THESE POP UPS WITHOUT REFORMATTING!!!
P.S. Ive used spyware, ad aware, and personal virus scanner. NOTHING AND THE POP UPS STILL COME!!!

Can anybody get me a Rogue, Cable, and Magneto sprite? Fighters Generation doesn’t have any but Cable, and the cable ones are rubbish.