Help -Need GGX Teammates for Evo West


I am a bit new to the tourney scene. I’ve played MvC2 casually for years and just recently gotten more seriously into it. I’ve also picked up GGX over the past several months. I’ve found that I am actually better at GGX than MvC2, and think I have at least a fighting change (pun intended) of doing well in the GGX Evo West qualify. The problem is, I don’t have a team!

Does anyone here have an open spot on a team at Evo West that they’d be willing to give me a shot on? Or perhaps two other new friends who were only planning on watching the GGX tourney who are willing to step in the ring for fun? You don’t have to be world champion to give it a shot…

I am a Faust player, by the way, and I’ve gotten down some pretty sick combos.

I’ll let you on my team. I’m going to kick off Flash Metroid for you. I have Juicy G as the other member.

Cool, thanks. See you at Evo.

just found out it might not work. Combofiend might be taking my spot cause i’m weak and feeble. Sorry man, but I’ll keep you updated.

Anybody else have a spot? PLEEEEEEEEASE!


Would you like to come with us? We have previously asked Sirlin and he’s probably not coming with us. So yeah if you’re interested post with a reply. Also I need to ask my captain to make sure but i’m pretty sure he’ll let you in considereing how we’re missing one member also. Oh and I play Ky while my friend plays Slayer so get working on killing Potemkin. Hope to see you on our team :wgrin:

Great, I’m in. I’ll be getting to the event on Saturday morning. Call me at 702-287-8579 on Friday or Saturday morning.

See you there.

Oh yeah, and I’ve found Potemkin naturally easier for Faust to handle due to just the litany of crap he can throw out, it’s shuts Potemkin down :rofl:

We’ll be there Saturday morning so i’ll call you then.