HELP! My fightstick doesnt work anymore

Hi guys… i recently just finished modding my fightstick but for some reason the fightstick does not work at all… it does not power on after plugging into my ps3. I was following nerrage’s instructions on how to led mod it and followed all of his steps and tried to reconnect the black and red wires in the usb cord. Any other tips i can try? kinda sucks seeing 5 hours of hardwork down the drain…

do you see the power go into the ps3 board?
like do you see the LED indicator blink to show its working?

Did you cut the white and green wires to the usb cord too?

i did cut the white and green wires but i reconnected them using the scotch lock thing
and the led indicator doesnt blink…

scotch lock thing?

Pictures of the inside of your stick if you want better help. My guess is that the wiring work was done sloppy.

Oh jesus

Scotch links are terrible shortcuts that almost always fail
you’re better off just cutting the wire, and then twisting them toghether and insulating them with tape

here are the images and that’s the scotch lock thing i was referring to

Mortified is right. You are better off twisting the wires than using those scotch tape links. Or instead of cutting the wires you just strip off the insulation apart to expose wire and tap wires into it then electrical tape it back up.

i see oh wow… i will try that but how do i insulate the wires with tape tho…?
can i just tape the wires together with electrical tapes or is there something specific i need to do?

Electrical taping is a simple way of doing it but doesn’t look clean. If you use tech flex tubes it would be better and a clean look.

all you have to do is expose enough wire to twist them together
then use tape to make sure that the metal of the wire doesn’t touch anything else
electrical tape is your best friend

As the pictures shown above. Scotch Locks are like a mini plastic piece that clips wires to have a connection. Very convenient and no soldering.