Help! My computer is infected with "" crap

My comp just got infected with malware/virus/whatever. I am not even sure how it happened, since I dont click on anything I dont know and all activex stuff is approved by me. But anywho, I guess at the moment of infection, the antivirus (Norton) stopped some virus, and ever since then, it seems to turn itself on or off (at least the auto protect does). Ad-aware isn’t really picking it up. The program has me shut out of Ctrl-Alt-Del, so I cant see exactly what is going on. IT keeps running error messages on the taskbar, saying it intercepted some virus attack or my security is at risk. Anytime i clicked on them, it took me to My background also got changed to something that is clickable nd takes me to the aforementioned site.

Anyone have any suggestions? Pretty low for a company selling ANTI SPYWARE SOFTWARE to fucking hijack your shit like this. Hope they get aids and die…

BTW, Im running Windows XP SP2, Internet Explorer 7, Norton Antivirus, and the Adaware 7.0.

Thanks for any help or suggestions!

Try using Spybot Search and Destroy. I run both Adaware and SSD on my machines. One usually catches what the other misses. You can also go here… Looks like they have helped a few people with this issue.


I can vouch for the thread Kaytrim posted.

I had seen the geeks2go thread in my searches, but it was wayyyy beyond me :sad:. I will get spybot, though.

I set the computer to a restore point from a few days ago, and that seemsto have gotten rid of the problem. she is back to her old happy self, and I can access CTRL ALT DEL as well as my antivirus being fully functional. Of course, I dont know if this is a band aid fix or a real cure. Either way, I am ramping up security on this thing even more!

I had the exact same problem the other day, I even made a thread about it too. :rofl: If you ever get it again, use SmitFraudFix, it took out for me. Then after that, run Spybot and adaware after it to find anything else left.

I didnt really get a chance to search much for it on here since the comp was going all sorts of crazy. Ill be downloading spybot here ina few minutes though.

Fuck the peopl that make this malicious crap!

yeah ive got the same problem on my home comp now, i dont have the means to pay for virusprotection, ill check that forum that kaytrim posted…

my friend had that virus on his computer. be careful it spreads alot and its kinda hard to get rid of completely. spybot is most likely ur best bet but scan again in a day to see if you get the same infected files(write them down so u can remember) if you get the same infected files scan with hijackthis and post in a forum that supports help on hijackthix logs.( major geek is a good one)

spybot, adaware, spyware doctor, & hijackthis are the best spyware/adware/malware/virus removes.

What I am trying to figure out is if it is a virus, or just malware. I am seriously thinking of switching browsers, though.