Help me record most of EVO 2009: Assistance needed

Hey All - I plan on recording as much of EVO 2009’s casual/tournament and money matches, as well as other stuff possible. What I’m asking for is a few assistants, as well as some donations from the NW community.

Here’s what I have:

1: Digital Camcorder (Samsung) that uses SD cards w/8GB card. Battery and charger.
2: Digital Camera (Sony) w/numerous Memory sticks, 1 extra battery. Battery charger.
3: Laptop with 320gb Capacity.
4: 250 GB external HDD.
5: Monopod.
6: Tri-Pod.
7: PSP Camera that uses Memory sticks. Gritty video ftw!

Here’s what I would need:

1: More SD Cards for the Camcorder (Samsung)and another battery or two. $50 average for batteries, $20+ for SD cards.
2: Another battery or two for the Digital camera(Sony) . These things eat up battery life when recording video. $50 average for batteries.
3: More Memory sticks for the Digital Camera (Sony). $20+ for 4gb cards
4: Assistance in recording my matches or other big matches from other angles. Need at least 2 people here. It wll also help if the assistant isn’t playing any matches that day.
5: A 1 TB External HDD should suffice for this entire event. $120 for a Western Digital HDD.

What you get with the donation:

1: Access to everything recorded* This might end up having hundreds of gigs of material over 3-4 days. I aim for high quality video so the files will be big!
2: Credit for donating.
3: Assistants will also have the benefit of getting access to the recordings.

*If you want everything that’s recorded, it’d make it easier for me if you had an External HDD so I can copy the files over. I can burn a limited amount of stuff onto DVD-r as these files will be big.

Suggested Donation: $20 - The higher, the better! =)

If you have any of the above Items that I could use during the event, it’ll also help.

If you’d like to donate or have any questions , send me a pm for my Paypal info.

I can give you assistance at EVO. I’ll talk to you more about it at Random Select. I have no recording equipment however, except for a camera that may be a bit to old.

I have a miniDV cam w/battery & charger, AC plug, 1 GB SD card, and can buy tapes. Wanna borrow?

We could use more assistants to handle more camerawork and such.

All footage can be used to create a NW EVO DVD of edited properly.

I might b able to depends tho? Get at me

Talk to me @ versis if I go today

I also think someone should just RECORD period during the entire experience outside of just the games and stuff. The trip down, messing around in Vegas, random interviews, all that.

I’d record messin with people . Fak gaming footage