Help me improve myself:(

I’ve been playing with bison for awhile, and just playing the game again after a month not touching it.

I want to be better at this game but I think I’ve starting to hit a wall, can you guys give me tips based on my match?

thanks a lot:D

You missed a few combos, you can work on execution a bit I guess. The main thing I noticed though is that you activated v-trigger raw twice in that match. I think it might be a missed opportunity to apply pressure. You could do a block string and end with inferno, cancel inferno into v-trigger activation and then you are significantly + which allows you to go for meaty hits / throw mixups.

thanks mate, yeah I was really rusty during that time, the timing is way off. and the raw v-trigger, I have to put that into muscle memory I guess.

this is my latest match, did I improve?

As said by LoupGris, against the Necalli, you lost a ton a damage because you missed combos, especially after st.HK CC.

Also I think you gameplan against that Necalli was not the best, several times you walked away from him by jumping back. Bison doesn’t have much to do against a Necalli at longe range, but you allowed him to hit with his charges, and you ate to many of them. This one of the only things that Necalli can do at that range, and it is not safe I believe.

Bison’s gameplan basically is to apply pressure with his frametraps. And you did not do that a lot, it was more him pressuring you and you running away.
SO yeah, I think you lost to that Necalli because you missed some combos and you did not know what to do with him, he could feel it and take advantage of it.

Your fight against that Bison you won it pretty convincingly, because you missed much less combos, and you applied A LOT of pressure on him. It is clear to me that you were much more comfortable, less afraid.

now I’m having problem fighting against R. Mika, I know I’m not familiar with the matchups, can anyone help me?

You will find some answers on the R.Mika matchup thread :wink: