Help me identify this arcade stick!

I bought an strange looking Hori ps2 fight stick at a thrift store yesterday, and I cant seem to find the same model anywhere on the internet. I would like to know if this baby is worth anything or I should just keep for playing Guilty Gear on. The box is black with a metal bottom, has eight sanwa feeling buttons, a small square of what appears to be turbo switches for each of the buttons, and it says Real Arcade PS in a faded font next to the turbo switches. I looked up Hori real arcade ps but all I get are ps3 sticks or another model of ps2 sticks that look nothing like what I have.

Pics would help…

Sounds like a HRAP 1 to me.

I left my camera at work today because i’m an idiot, but I have found one single picture of the same stick on a Japanese site

OK, def not a HRAP 1!

Neat stick. Mind if I ask what the price was?

All I will say is that I got it for a steal lol

Found a vendor online selling it for 24.99.

Def not Sanwa parts in there unless someone modded it. Prolly Hori all around, but hey if the price is right…

The HPS-10, Real Arcade PS.
Came after the HPS-07, Fighting Stick PS.

The Case is very similar to other from HORI.
Soulcalibur II
Tekken 3
Tekken TAG Tournament
Tekken 4
Tekken 5
HSS-09, Real Arcade VF (Sega Saturn).

Mind sharing the link to said vendor? I might want to buy another one of these things for a friend :3

Edit: Thanks for that info jdm :smiley:

Its not worth much, its one of the better PS1 era fighting sticks. I assume its the one that has the funny looking corners? You can still upgrade it, or use it with a converter for PS3/360. I’m not sure if they had Seimitsu buttons/sticks in them at that point, but IIRC they either are real Seimitsus or close knock offs. You could probably fetch like 30 bucks for it but I’d upgrade the sucker and use it for actual games, since its a very durable case.

The Buttons for this are not the special-colored Seimitsu PS-15 like in the HYPERSTICK.
But then that came with Seimitsu LS-56-01.

The Joystick is HORI that everyone knows.

also, at some point a chinese company either bought or sold the mold, since these:
Show up on a ton of import sites, and look suspiciously similar to the Hori.

I’m a poor bastard who could never afford a decent stick, so I’ve been stuck with being a pad warrior. I’m just going to keep this baby and buy this thing here: as I’m loving how it feels with Guilty Gear. Thanks for the info you guys ^^

Yeah, it would take about thirty or forty bucks to upgrade it to top of the line parts. Probably some light soldering as well, but Hori sticks have never been a total nitemare to mod.

I was planning on building my own stick using the guts of a PDP fight pad and just buying the rest of the parts online as well as making a box, but just upgrading this baby seems a helluva lot cheaper and quicker. Not to mention I rather love how thin the box is on this stick, fits rather nicely on my lap.

you could probably get some plexi or lexan cut for it as well. I obviously cant say because I haven’t seen the internals, but those screws on the surface look heavy duty enough to hold down a nice top. Because that, IMHO, has always been the only issue with the Hori sticks: you cant swap the art right out of the box.


Fair, I forgot about that one. But MOST Hori sticks don’t require you to have to grind down the panels.

This is no nightmare! You get to dremel! How can that be a nightmare?

After moding an Agetec, Hori sticks are a breeze.