Help me figure out what I need, please!

I want to build something similar to this (scroll down to middle.)

I want to be able to use multiple consoles and pc.

I was just trying to gather my thoughts and figure out exactly what I need.

So far…

2 inexpensive high def wide tvs - make? model suggestions?

2 sanwa sticks

12 standard sanwa buttons

4 small sanwa buttons

lumber for structure

paint? spray? enamel?

mounting system for tvs?

What else do you think I need? should I wire the buttons to multiple pcbs? use adapters? what about video adapters?

I know there are multipule ways to accomplish this, but what would YOU do if you were doing this? What do you suggest?

Any help would be very appreciated!

  1. Smile
  2. NO TVs, unless you need a tuner, get LCD monitor style Displays,
  3. Lumber , MDF, Poplar
  4. Patience and smile again :wink:
  5. Spray

Just to add: Mounting use Standard monitor mounts, again by using only a monitor theres ample mounts for them. You can use ps2 pcbs, and yes use two seperate ones, in case one breaks, and they are readily available. Then use the Radio shack ps3 adapter, for USB, and there you go. The rest, put a mini pc in there.

Ok, 2 monitor displays sound good. How can I hook a DC and PS2 to them? Any suggestions on brands that are inexpensive? I’m looking, too. Just curious if you have anything in mind?

Westinghouse is a good and inexpensive brand. LCD monitors have multiple inputs on them, so you will be able to hook up a DC and PS2 to it (DC via RCA, PS2 via component). If you have a XBox 360 or PS3 you can use the HDMI port.

get an xga converterlike this.

i just got one in the mail for 25
keep in mind this was used

The Monitors come with Inputs in them. Normally the default computer input is VGA, or now DVI. There are converters that will change that to RCA, (Yellow, Blue, Red), however some monitors, or Westinghouse LCDs, which are good, or you can check Vizio, are good budget priced LCDs. And you can hook up the the DC or PS2, to them. You could also make an Xbox into mame, which should run all games up to CPS2 fine. As far as the sticks, I am working in building custom sticks, so if you need those built hit me up later.

Another option you have, is buy a table, and “mod” the table into something that looked like what you showed us as your goal. I think that may be more feasible, and less costly. :). Two cheap computer desks, some glue, paint will do wonders :wink:

what systems do you plan on popping in there?

Thanks for the info so far

I want the ability to put whatever I want in there, but I assume I’ll prolly start with a pc, DC and my PS2 (maybe my 360.)

Do games work well with LCDs?

will there be lag?

Will there be image distortion from converting from rca to vga?