Help me fail less

If im breaking rules feel free to tell me or lock this, just really want help o.o


Im trying to play this game for a fun online fighter (I play T6 offline won’t lie about that.) and i’m having alot of issues in actually winning lol.

The only character I seem to get any kills with is Bulleta (I played ALOT of vampire savior and she was my main.) so I’ve been trying to get a good team using her. Anyone willing to help/teach me?

i have to warn you that bbhood is a low tier character (dunno how much you know about marvel). you probably know this but just in case you didn’t know.
marvel is pretty crazy though so you can win with low tiers too just not vs. people like sanford or justin wong but still the game is so crazy that you can do good w/ low tiers at many levels


[media=youtube]S0uD_fdVioc[/media] (more videos on this guy’s channel)

look for videos of the player “bbhood” (he uses iron man dr. doom bb hood (not sure on the order)).

the bbhood team i use is megaman/bb/juggernaut, i’m pretty shitty at this game but here’s the sort of mini-guide i wrote to using this team:

You can make some noise with pretty much any character. You just have to build a decent team.

Master the assist metagame. Get some good DHC setups and assist combos.

Get some DEFENSE.

Clock and (especially) meter management is more important in this game than most.

Don’t get discouraged; as time goes on there are fewer and fewer easy Marvel games to be had online. The game is demanding, and people get weeded out fairly quick. A lot of people have been playing for a long time. Don’t expect to take the world by storm overnight. You’ll get there. Keep trying.

Thanks for the help and suggestions, like I said im used to 3d fighters like tekken haha.

I realize Bulleta isn’t exactly high on the list, I’ve actually been trying to use BB/Spiral/IM but I’m guessing thats not the best team.
I’ve also noticed that CapCom has a good anti-air assist which im unsure if I actually want to use him. I’m guess I need a powerhouse (Like Juggz, Hulk, Thanos, Sent?) and someone who can control horizontal space (Shoto, Cable, Spiral with her blades etc etc.)

Oh and as I stated earlier Bulleta is the one character I know combos with since they haven’t really changed outside of VS making them a lot easier for me to transition

Few suggestion that will instantly help you…

pick a good anti air with bb… seriously… ken/capcom/psy/cyke…

Just block a lot… and try to put your opp in situation where you can hit with your assist.
->look for ways to capitalize off this hit

If they jump at you either block high, dash back, or jump fwd and throw (if they like to jump and block)…

Most people will go for a low attack after a high so block first high and once their feet touch the ground block low.

If they superjump don’t wait for them to come down… dash one way or the other… load your AAA… dont just sit there and then try to stick out a launcher…

Don’t randomly call any assist.

Don’t normal jump very often… there are many many reasons. Just don’t do it unless its part of a combo, you are covered by an assist, ect…

Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll. Roll or die… thats it. Do it. Know the combos you can roll out off… and roll… know the throws you can roll out of… and roll. If your opp gets used to you rolling one way and starts dashing there… or the other way. Just roll.

Tech out of throws. Not AS critical as rolling… but do it. It helps.

Throw. Learn when to do it or how to create situations where you can. Figure out how to extend and expand combos using it. This is pretty key for everyone and damn critical for low tier play…

Some of this is really damn basic and obvious… some of it is less so for a new player…

If you play on PS3 add me Veikur1. I can help you out as much as I know.

Ok yes I have a psn


and for a team ive been using BB AAA/Tron Y/Juggs B and its been working pretty well, I can get wins unlike before.
My only problem is people who spam projectles since my team isnt really handled to do that

Well I don’t normally spam projectiles unless you put me into a position to do so. =P Mind if I practice with the big four? Plus where do you live?

nope and east coast

Good shit. I’ll probably be on tonight(around 12-4AM est) or tomorrow around 12-6pm est.