Help me choose

Hi guys

I have a simple question… Where i live the razer panthera and Hori VLX Prem are both at the same price right now at 200 Eur… What should i buy?
If it helps i mainly play sfv and inj2

Thanks a lot

Do you usually travel around with your stick? the VLX Premium is harder to carry :frowning:

No i don’t… It will be just for home use

unless you plan on changing parts it depends on wether you like Sanwa o Hori parts more

Never had a stick before and haven’t played on one for more than 15 years i think

VLX for sure since is classic

If you (a) have ample space to display/store when not in use, and/or (B) it will be on your desk for the majority of its use = VLX
If neither (a) nor (b) = Panthera

Personally I wouldn’t touch a Razer product with a 10ft cattle prod (but that’s just me).

From the conversion, 200Euros = ~$245USD = ~$300CAD.

The Hori VLX Premium is worth that pricetag.
The Razer Panthera is not.

Like everyone else says, providing you have the space, and don’t plan on bringing it around, the choice is pretty obvious.


Edit: I wouldn’t worry too much about the space issue, as far as I’m concerned the footprint difference is barely a foot (that’s about 30cm) if that, but it makes a world of difference when playing it. Carrying it…we all have crosses to bear.

Hori is proven well over the years with well made cases, specially compared to the Razer case which aside from having more wrist room it doesn’t surpass the manufacturing of the VLX case at all. I have to add that I find the lack of wrist room in Hori a constant, but it’s not just them, plenty of other sticks share this trait, even arcades. The Razer has more room, I’ll give you that. I just don’t like the way the case is made, it looks like a lunch box.

As for arcade hardware…Yes, you’re probably going to change the hardware if going VLX but it’s inexpensive, well worth the investment for your game. My only dislike for both sticks is the Vewlix layout, however that’s a small matter if going VLX as there are CPs available if needed…6 button master race but 8 buttons are practical, always just a matter of preference.

Tldr; Don’t let the space and weight be a concern, your money will be better spent on a VLX. Better manufacturing, better PCB, better design, better functionality. Premium arcade parts can be obtained for cheap.

Man this is Tech Talk, Changing out parts is standard practices here

Swapping out arcade parts isn’t hard at all. And I find the Hori made parts inferior despite I initially like the Hayabusa over the Sanwa JLF.
Hell I find the included stock Sanwa parts inferior in most sticks over retail Sanwa parts (thanks Mad Catz, and good riddance to them).

Seimitsu parts is where it’s at. :tup:
But seriously everyone’s millage will vary

Truth is even if you are planning to travel with the Stick, Razer has a history of acessories and controllers not lasting very long.
The VLX is known for being built like a tank and is worth every penny.

^I like the seimitsu button that feels like the Namco ones, PG14 I believe, I wouldn’t say that’s my favorite button but it has a great feel, the same button used in the Neo candies, just a great button. I like all the brands and different things but as far as Japanese parts go, I’d have to go with JLF and OBSF/N, plain jane over here.

Edit: Also used in the Neo Horis and the Pana Custom.

Just on looks alone the stock art on the razer is so ordinary. The VLX CP is quite sophisticated. Kind of heartbreaking when you decide to change the CP for a different button layout. Although there’s always the custom arts that do a fine job at recreating the original. Personally, I’d just deal with the button layout just 'cause the CPO is so well done.

I feel like Seimitsu’s are best if you’re building a cab where shmups and other types of games will be played on it. It’s not the best for fighting games. If you must use stick, a standard Sanwa with square gate or a Hori Hayabusa with the same is the best. They are extremely good precise levers. I personally own a Hori VLX Hayabusa and it’s a dope controller. It’s been through hell and back and just keeps on ticking. Honestly you can buy a gym bag or the official VLX bag from Splitframe if you need to carry it to competitions or something. I’m a large build guy so I like how big it is as it doesn’t slip off my lap all the time like the littler sticks do. Good luck!

Thanks a lot for the replies… I’ll go with the Vlx then

Great choice!


Leave a link for where you can get it €200, there’s other EU guys who maybe able to benefit

I would definitely choose the vlx over the panthera! You will not regret your choice. Once you get your vlx, your going to put it on the table or your lap and just sit back for a second and think yourself “wow…this is different”. At least thats what happened to me. Didnt happen with the panthera i can tell you that

Not true in the slightest.
I almost exclusively use Seimitus in all my sticks and I think I think i do rather well in fighters
LS-40 is a all around joystick

LOL. I was wondering how long it would take before someone chimed in with that question. If I lived in the EU, it would have been me.

Yeah, I’m tired of people assuming Sanwa for fighters, Seimitsu for shmups. I play a ton of shmups (arguably more than fighters) and I dislike Seimitsu buttons.
I’d rather play a fighter with a LS-40 than a JLF (or a Hayabusa)

It’s really all personal preference.

Agreed with @Darksakul and @jopamo
I play fighters more than shmups, and I prefer Seimitsu buttons and sticks (PS-14-KN and LS-40) over Sanwa stuff (OBSF-30 and JLF).

It’s all preference and feel. Don’t spread opinion as fact.


No but seriously, I don’t have a ps4, so it’s of no benefit to me. I have a couple of og vlx’s and a couple diamonds, I’m all good in that department, but I still think someone else could benefit.

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