Help me choose a game to buy

Yo all. Got 7.42USD in my US PSN wallet and feeling like getting a new fighting game to add to the difital collection. Narrowed it down to the following three - can anyone help me choose?

I already have the following so no need to suggest these : SF Alpha Max Darkstalkers Chaos Tower Galaxy Fight KOF 99 Pocket Fighter Bloody Roar 2 Virtua Fighter 2 Divekick

Open to other suggestions though :slight_smile:

Windjammers ? My nephew and I played it vs each other while waiting for DBFZ top 8 to start last night and had a blast. Surprisingly very fun competitive game - not a traditional “fighter” but a fun change of pace. It goes on sale frequently so if it is currently out of range of your budget keep an eye out for it.

Never experienced that small games, but i’ve tried RDR 2 and God of War and it was amazing.