Help me against these characters

i dunno how to beat chunli and cammy with guile. they r too fast , and chunli’s cross up is 2 confusing. cammy has high priority normals, it’s too hard to flash kick her spiralarrow.

cammy: that shit

chun li: try to get her in your sweet spot, its a bit closer than midscreen where she cant jump out of the sonic booms easily and where your standing mp and c.hp will beat all her jump ins.

When chun jumps in, dont try to attack unless she is directly above you, and before she gets into crossup range. If she jumps in from a shallow angle then you will most likely get beat by her, so dont even try and contest it. If she is going for the crossup, just roll out of range before she lands, its not worth losing you’re guard bar or getting tossed. With cammy, dont throw sonic booms too often, and her spiral arrow will usually beat your cr. mk, so try not to use that too much either.

Guile d.HP isn’t a super fast 3 frame anti-air like most other characters. It does however last for a mad long time at 16 frames. You have to time your reactions so you do it a little earlier than usual (as opposed to other character’s d.HP) against Chun. If you want and easy no-brainer d.HP anti-air, pick Geese or shotos instead.