HELP! Madcatz Tournament Edition joystick stop working


This is my first time posting on this Forum.

I was wandering is it possible for someone to help me figure out what is wrong
with my street fighter 4 TE fightstick. The joystick does not turn on/work. I
have tried using the joystick on my PC and PS3 and still no luck.

I would really appreciated any help or advice you could give.

Thanks in advance.

Check your cable, it could just be a bad cable.

Yeah definately check the cable. Most likely it just be loose so unplug the cables u can and plug it back in tightly.

Then test it. Hopefully that’s the issue. Gl!


checked the wires but nothing was wrong. The problem is inside, so maybe the motherboard. Can you recommend a spare parts dealer that ships international.

Thanks all

wait so does the joystick’s butons work? is it only the directional joystick that does not work? if that is the case, check if your slide switch for the joystick is positioned on DP rather than RS

No I try that already still does not work.

Probably the USB cable, dude.

Check it with a multimeter if not done so already.

So I’m still confused as to how you are wording this as it still seems unclear, is the joystick (the 8 way joystick) dead but the buttons work or is the entire unit (the TE) unresponsive? Have you ever opened the unit up before and rearranged/modified some parts inside? I’m just curious to see if you did do something to it before that has affected performance of the unit

Your problem is probably that you got a Madcatz brand stick. I’ve had problems with Madcatz sticks in the past, especially from their round one TE sticks.

By “check the USB cable”, we don’t mean just look at it and assume it’s okay. You have to test it by either taking a multimeter to it and making sure that it’s receiving power, or if you just want to throw parts at it, install a new USB cable, although this might require some basic soldering ability. If the cable is fine, or the problem goes away when it gets replaced, it’s most likely the PCB will need to be replaced.

Disagree all you want, but the fact is if you look at the history of Madcatz they were known to have a reputation for turning out bad faulty controllers prior to their present, and newfound, success. In fact, if you do a search around 2009/10 mark you’ll find many customers complaining of faulty sticks (esp. their SE SF4 fightstick brand at the time) and bad pcb in their round one TE sticks. Maybe they’ve tightened up their quality control and wised up since then, but I’d rather go with a company with a reputable past record than one with such a history as Madcatz. Most people are too easily swayed and blinded by the bombardment of ads from Madcatz and the constant “new” editions they keep churning out to think straight.