HELP: Madcatz TE Stick Malfunction

Ok, I have bought a Madcatz TE stick about 6 months ago, and a few days ago a malfunction occured.
The down arrow keeps inputing even though the stick is at neutral. This happened once and hasnt stopped, I cant play.
I’ve never dropped it, or anything like that. The only damage is when i got it it was slightly opened, but i put it back in its place (1 little tooth that keeps locks it closed had broken, no big deal), didnt seem that much of a deal.
Can you suggest any solutions or help me determine the cause of this?

Sorry for my bad English, I hope i make sense.

It sounds as if the switch next to the guide button is not on the DP setting.

I suggest that you take out the top 6 screws and look inside the case. Check to see that all the wires are securely in place and look to see that none of the micro switches on the joy stick are stuck (these are the little black switches that click when you move your joy stick around). Opening the top panel won’t void any warranties either.

First of all @Kong, I checked everything I could before posting (that includes the DP setting), but anyway, thanks for your time and response.

Thanks, DarkarNights I will try this, so just to get this right, you’re saying to open the case through the upper side (the one where the artwork is), and not the bottom side.
And if I find one of the micro switches stuck, what do I do? Just push it so it goes back to its right place? And is there any picture so I can know how they look like?
And if I find one of the wires out of place? What do I do? I don’t have any knowledge of how to fix it.

Thanks in advance.

I found this picture in a modding guide, maybe it helps explaining…

Also it says that I will need:
[]small hexagon screwdriver
]small utility knife
[*]small drill(s) (electrical or hand-driven) appropiate for the screws used
In my case I only need the hexagon screwdriver, right?

Correct, you can also use an Allen wrench, just find the one that fits the screws. That picture is of a stock stick so everything should look the same. I’m I correct in assuming that you stick has never been opened? If so, the 5 black wire harness going to the joy stick should still have brown glue holding it in place. The micro switches I want you to check are on the joy stick under that clear plastic restrictor plate, they are 4 black rectangle boxes with switches that click in when you move the joy stick around.

Ok, I’ll open it, see what’s going on, and let you know.
Thanks for the help.

Ok, I’m freaking out a little:D
I opened it, and first of all, I dont think I can close it again the same way I opened it.
That said, I cant see the micro switches you said, do I have to disassemble the joystick so I can have access to them?

Ok, now, I found the problem.
First of all, I cant find 2 of the screw thingies that I need to screw the screws on, they are somewhere inside the stick, I moved it around a bit but they don’t fall off.
And second, you were right. I removed the clear plastic restrictor plate and i saw the four red switches, I checked each one of them, and when I pressed up, right, left, it doesnt do anything, but when I pressed down (and release it, just tapping it) it goes down, and then it keeps going down even if the switch isn’t pressed.
Obviously the down switch has a problem but is it normal for the other three to not do anything?

Check that the black 5 wire harness going to the stick is securely in place. It should be secured with brown glue if never touched before. If the brown glue has been cut or removed then check that harness is not on loose or backwards. If the harness checks out, then I think the JLF pcb has gone bad, that’s the little board under the clear restrictor plate that the micro switches are attached to. I’m at work so I can’t post details on how to go about fixing it right now, maybe someone else can give you some info in the meantime.

I can see a small amount of a light brown glue that keeps the end of the wires attached to the pcb, if you’re refering to that glue, then it’s untouched. That leaves JLF pcb. If the JLF pcb is the problem can it be fixed or only replaced?
Maybe I’ll post some pictures, so you can see what’s going on…

Ok, here is where you can get a replacement for the JLF pcb Before you order one, let’s make sure that the prob is in fact the JLF. Test all of the other buttons to make sure they are working properly to rule out any problems with the main pcb.

Ok, I’ll test them and I’ll let you know.

The buttons are fine, only the pcb of the joystick seems to have gone bad.
Is this the exact pcb model I need to buy?


Ok, thank you very much for your help, you’ ve been really helpful. :slight_smile:

I am having this same problem and i dont’t think that it is the JLF pcb I say this because I left it plugged in with the xbox360CE.exe program open you test the Dpad and I notice that when I hold down the ‘up’ switch it neutralizes the ‘down’ input but if I hold the ‘up’ switch and unplug the PCB then the down input comes back I figured that it was not the PCB.