Help Identifying Unknown PCB and Nubytech SF Anniversary PCB

Help SRK,

My friend gave me this PCB but I don’t know what arcade stick it came from, can anyone help identify it? Also, does anyone have a diagram for a Nubytech SF Anniversary Stick? All the harnesses and PS2/Xbox cords are removed and I have no way of knowing what to solder.



God, they butchered the wiring.

I see a date code of 9 Sept 2003. (Nubytech was incorporated June 2003)

Does not look like the Nubytech SFII Arcade stick

I think it’s the Pelican Tournament Ready Real Arcade Stick PCB

I did found this

It’s a inside case shot of the Pelican Tournament Ready Real Arcade Stick

Definitely looks like the Pelican.

I think your right with the Pelican. Do you, or anyone by any chance have a diagram of the SF Nubytech stick or Pelican? I would like to know where to solder the wires and whatnot, I don’t want these boards go to waste.

Why would you need Nubytech?

maybe he wants a stock sfac stick

maybe he wants it for og xbox mame

maybe its maybelline

But seriously, that’s a Pelican Tournament Ready Real Arcade PCB not a Nubytech.
Why he need a Nubytech board pinout?

Even if you had a old hallowed out Nubytech stick, you don’t need it’s wiring diagram.
The buttons are self explanatory, and every joystick that does not use a 5 pin harness wires up the exact same way.

Sorry if I made this confusing. I also have a Nubytech PCB but I need a diagram for soldering work because I don’t know which button is which.

@kazuyafan94 the nubytech pcb was noted in the past for having lag, i wouldnt bother with it