Help! Ibuki vs Rashid

im having a lot of trouble in this match up, despite a lot of expierence with it.

What is ibuki’s gameplan here? And what do i need to look out for? What of rashid is punishable & by what?

running kick used to be Punished by s hp… but now it whiffs and all i got is a kunai. Im trying to react to ex whirlwind with ex raida, but ussealy im late and i prefer to keep my meter…

Should i forsake v trigger and just v reversal everything? Rashids pressure game is nuts especially with bar for ex whirlwind.

His vtrigger i can handle with ex kunai, or back throw. However his CA is inescapeable with its chip ( especially baited wake up)

so let pool some knowledge and match up strategy!

Spend EX raida to get out of the corner if you’re trapped in whirlwind pressure. It’s worth it man.
I try to play the usual f.HK / V-skill range, and v-skill beats his cr.HP, f.HK beats pretty much anything else besides spinning mixer.
It’s gonna be hard to play your range because of his mobility, but just try to hold your ground. Giving rashid too much space just gives him room to throw out specials that will land you in the corner.