Help I think I messed my (Sanwa) buttons wiring up, would really appreciate assistance in troubleshooting

Hey everyone, I´m kind of new to fighting sticks, I´ve been using a stock Dragon Slay stick and opened it up for the first time to insert a new artwork. I wasnt having any success removing the cables from the buttons by hand, so I used a pair of needle nose pliers, being careful to only pull the metal part and not the wire.

I inserted the artwork and all, put it back together and now my A,X,Y and B Buttons (the 4 right ones when looking from the back of the stick) arent working. The other 4 are functioning as always and I dont see any difference between the way I reattached the cables to the ones that are not working, so I´m a little clueless as to what the issue could be. As far as I can see theres no damage on the cables themselves.

Would really appreciate any help or pointers as to what I could try for troubleshooting as I really enjoy this fightstick and would like to use it again asap! Thanks in advance!

Here are some pictures from after I put it back together, let me know if you need any additional ones!

Happen to have a meter with continuity or resistance testing? That would be the fastest and most reliable way to determine the problem is with the cables or possibly a broken switch. If you don’t have access to a meter try swapping two wires from the left most button with the right most button and see if the problem follows the wires or stays with the button.

You also need one of these for next time => Buttercade Fast.110 Tool


Thanks for all the great advice! I used a multimeter and the problem seems to be with the cables, so I guess I’ll replace those. Is there any specific website you’d recommend for individual parts like this? And yeah that tool looks clean I’ll be grabbing that for sure

Well, if you have a soldering iron and not afraid to use it you may just be able to repair what you have. The copper conductors at the core of the wire are likely broken right at or very close to the 0.110 terminal. Worth a shot if you are planning to replace the wire harness anyway.

I am not familiar with the Dragon Slay stick so I can’t say what the other end of the button wire harness looks like. You can try to locate a match at, (web site down?) or All three of those probably have something close to if not exactly what you are looking for.

Good Luck!


Dont have a soldering iron available to me right now, but I’ll see if any of my friends has one before ordering new wires.

Thanks a lot for all your help, wish you all the best!