Help! i needto see inside the quickshot!

Does it have an actual mounting plate? I want to put two together :slight_smile:

No it does not have a mount plate.
Although I taken apart a older NES model of the Quick Shot.
The Quick Shot is mostly plastic and does not mod easily. I know since I tried.

Tell em what you are trying to make?

I wanted to make a twin stick for everything other than fighters. I was initially thinking (2) two button arcade sticks & 10 buttons total to make up for all of a modern controllers buttons. I have a HRAP3 & your twin stick thread was pretty inspiring.

Do you know of any joysticks that have more than 2 buttons & have a mounting plate?

That was my first choice.

This is the original drawing I made to help you visualize what I want to make. I was hoping I could find joysticks with more than 2 buttons but a lot of flight sticks have to mounting plate &/or are meant for right hands only.

L3 & R3 are in front of their respective sticks, “d pad” over the left & X, Square, Triangle, O (A, X, B, Y) over the right. Nothing very out of the ordinary. You usually have to move your thumb off the stick to press the d pad or buttons anyways soo…

After getting my first fightstick a while back, I just want to use arcade sticks for everything now :slight_smile: I think this may be a viable solution.

I notice you’re basically wanting to use the flight sticks to replace the analog sticks on your controller.
Keep in mind that most analog joysticks that you mount inside arcade sticks are not in the $20 range, but rather in the $100+ range each. To top it off, finding some that have 2+ buttons AND are fit for left/right hand use is going to be quite the challenge for you.

The stick that Darksakul linked to you to at Paradise Arcade is a digital stick (4 cardinal directions), not an analog joystick.

You’ll need two Seimitsu LS-64s. After which you’ll have to replace the shaft to add a hollow one for the wiring for the joystick triggers.

“The 8 way flight stick has smooth action and two buttons to spice up your SHMUPS!”

I don’t understand?

What I mean is that it still just responds to Up-Down-Left-Right directions, and combinations of the diagonals (UL, UR, DL, DR). Hence “8-way”.

It does not do varying angles of tilt or direction, hence it’s not an analog stick.

I understand it’s not analog but it does have 8 way…


On a different note, I’m considering using joysticks instead of buttons for the d pad & button pad. Anyone have thoughts on that? I think it might speed up the input command time.

Ok, as long as you realize that it’s not an analog stick. If just full-digital 8-way (U,D,L,R,UL,UR,DL,DR) works with your goals, then even better.
You’d have to rig up some additional wiring to make it work as analog-stick replacements, though.

The only problem with using joysticks as replacement for the buttons: what if, in the odd chance, you needed to press Square/X and Circle/B (or Triangle/Y and X/A) at the same time? I can’t come up with a situation that might need it, but I don’t know if you’d want to deprive yourself of that.

Do they even MAKE LS-64’s anymore???

It’d be easier just to buy a Sega Virtual Twin Stick and mod that wouldn’t it?
You can find either the Saturn or Dreamcast Virtual On Joysticks online cheaper than trying to buy a $500 Hori PS3 or 360 Twin Stick or build it out of those $100+ parts.

I honestly don’t know that the Virtual Twin Sticks Sega sold were analog, either.
I cracked open my Saturn Virtual Twin Stick once and found out that the twin sticks were actually made by Ascii. They’re still pretty good! I don’t use the controller that much – all it’s good for really is Virtual On but it can be reconfigured with a good third-party program for PC gaming – but it’s held up over the years. Still fairly durable.

Are you thinking of the Sanwa JFJ?
There were used in Hori’s recent Virtual On Hrap. [details=Spoiler]


I do not think there a hollow version of the LS-64 shaft.

They only made the Hori Twin Stick for the Xbox 360. The PS3 didn’t get a virtual On release. The PS2 has Virtual-On Marz AND Cyber Troopers Virtual-On (Sega Ages release)
The only Analog flight stick out there is made by Happ, and they cost more than a Sanwa JFJ.

if you are making a Virtual On stick here is my Work Log of the mod

Left goes to the D-pad

Right Level goes as follows:

Up - Y
Down - A
Left - X
Right - B

Top joystick buttons are the bumpers, LB and RB
and the Triggers are the Trigger buttons LT and RT

Also read up on some of the mods on

Actually, I was thinking more of some of the older Happ analog joysticks that were $80-100 (back when I was looking into them in 2005).
I wasn’t aware of too many joysticks that were both analog, AND had 2+ buttons, AND worked for both left- and right-hands, hence my voice of concern of Sticksworth hunting some down.

They only made the Hori Twin Stick for the Xbox 360. The PS3 didn’t get a virtual On release. The PS2 has Virtual-On Marz AND Cyber Troopers Virtual-On (Sega Ages release)
The only Analog flight stick out there is made by Happ, and they cost more than a Sanwa JFJ.


For the US, the no-Virtual On situation is true…
BUT, in Japan they did get a Virtual On release on the PS3 through PSN. It’s probably a port of the PC version of the original arcade game. There were rumors about them doing a US release but for whatever reasons (poor sales for ports of VF2, Fighting Vipers, Sonic the Fighters etc.?) it didn’t happen.

Play-Asia DOES have a listing for the Hori PS3 Virtual On joystick. =>

Unfortunately, it costs as much as a PS4 and you’d need to get a PSN-Japan membership to download Virtual On… unless you have a backwards-compatible model of the Japanese PS3 and one of the two PS2 releases for Virtual On. The Sega Ages disc is the one to get if you really like the game otherwise stick to the Sega ports (Saturn is reasonable and the Dreamcast version is near-arcade perfect) and be happy like I am with very infrequent play of this game…

Holy shit, I had a Quickshot for the Master System.

Good times.

Crap there is a PS3 version. Yeah I know of the price tag the Xbox 360 versions cost just as much.
Keep in mind the Joysticks them selves are $90 to $120 each.

This exists!?!?

/looks longingly at wallet.