Help! I keep getting thrown out of SPD and Atomic Suplex!

The other day, I had some success closing in on Claw, but several times when I thought I had a clean shot at SPD, EX SPD, Atomic Suplex, etc., my move got interrupted by a throw. I generally have a hard time closing in on decent Claws, so having my SPD beaten by his throw is very disheartening. Furthermore, I feel uncomfortable simply trading blows with Claw; it seems as though I’d lose the poking game, and Claw is one slippery fellow. What tips can I get in order to avoid getting tossed when it looks like a wide open SPD opportunity? Thanks.

SPD comes out faster than a normal throw, so you’re either inputting the move too slow or trying it after an unsafe move like greenhand. You can try using jab SPD mostly so that you’re outside of normal throw range.

Dont throw spd’s in regular throw range or throw out a suplex unless you are certain that they cant do anything about it.

I was playing against a Chun-li today, and after knocking her down, I tried an EX SPD on her wake up. My Gief started glowing yellow, showing I did the proper EX SPD input, but I still got thrown.

Anyway, I always assumed SPD would beat a normal throw, but that might not necessarily be the case. Does this happen to anyone else today?

You can be thrown out of EX SPD but not the regular one I think, because EX is invincible to attacks but not throws…I don’t know, I don’t even play as Zangief, but thats how it is for Abel…

:annoy: this sh!t happend to me as Abel last nyte against some snot that kept using lag tactic throwing. Oh yeah…sett’em up go for my grab and WHAT 0_o…

yeah…not happy.

  • :bluu:

EX SPD has 4 frame startup so you can be thrown out of it.

Regular SPD only has 2 frame start up and atomic suplex has 1 frame startup so unless you’re inputing it after they’ve already started to throw you, you will beat their throws.

And Abel will always be able to beat your throws with his TT.

I see. Regular throws have a 3 frame start up, right?

Either way, the advice is quite helpful. Thanks!

People don’t know their characters. :lol: Thank god EX SPD is 4 frames startup. That vacuum machine of a character needs something going against him.

Regular throws IIRC are 2 frames.

no. regular throws are 3 frames. Gief’s regular SPD’s are 2.

And Honda’s Oicho command grab is 5 :crybaby: