Help! I can't seem to pick a main

I’ve been playing fighting games for a while. Started with Smash Bros. and then began to broaden my horizons with games that have a little more depth. I moved to Blazeblue when it came out and have still not picked a main character…

I’ve played SF4 and 3S for about a year now and still in both of those I don’t have a clue who to main…

I’ve experimented with a lot of characters between a lot of different games. I just need some kind of direction. I’ve been a watcher of the forums for a while but never spoke up until now.

It’s frustrating to not be able to call a character my own and earn everything about them. I’ve learned little about many but want to know a lot about ONE!

I hope some of the veterans could shed some light on the situation. Did you go through a similar scenario? Should I raw names out of a hat? What should be the golden rule in picking a main to stick with?

Try them all out and main the one you’re either best with or like the most

Wait what does the second sentence have to do with the first? :rofl:

Hahaha ^ you beat me to it!

First, you can probably weed out a bunch of characters who don’t quite fit your style. For instance, maybe you don’t like slow, strong characters or pixies. Out of the pool of possible choices, I go into training mode with them and check out their moves. I look for things with obvious/impressive applications like “this poke is really long, I’d use that a lot” or “this move comes out so quick”, whatever. So then, any remaining characters that seem to fit your style and have a few moves that you like off the bat, try actually playing them and see who pans out the best in actual matches. Main them.

@Kelter Skelter/BlueCloud - Yeah I guess that’s why I’ve posted this, I have tried everyone and still don’t know what to do. I’m just to indecisive.

@P Gorath - Yeah I know Smash is a fighting game but…let’s be honest it’s a loose association. XD
The fundamental ideas transfer though. That is still valid.

Back to the topic.

Help I can’t seem to pick a main car in Gran Turismo.

I’ve been playing competative race games for a while. Started with Mario Kart Wii and then began to broaden my horizons with games that have a little more depth. I moved to Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing when it came out and have still not picked a main character…

Listen dude, the answer is: You just fucking choose one.
There is no grand scheme or special science behind it.

If you want me to pick for you then here you go:
Sagat. He is now your main. Good luck!

Oh look, it’s THIS thread again.

I wonder why the other 250 choose my main threads weren’t good enough…

Because it didn’t pertain to this poster… those threads had to do with OTHER PEOPLES mains and he doesn’t want to be predictable and use the same character everyone else uses (Ryu or Sagat or Ken or Akuma or any of the other characters that scrubs deem overused)

Don’t talk shit about Mario Kart Wii

Classic SRK my man. Bravo!

@Kelter Skelter - So…is all of SRK this bad? Melee despite the hate it seems to get is one of the most technical games you can play. In a high level Melee game you have a number of actions per minute that rivals Starcraft… for those that don’t understand that means Pro Melee takes about 250-300+ actions/min. Don’t bash on a player or game you don’t understand.

hey my main in Gran Turismo was the 88c-v minolta LM.

@salocinKtze i think p gorath was saying smash isn’t a fighting game.

Your main is who you truly are comfortable using… that excludes shotokans.

LMAO! That was great!

There is a thread right below here asking the same question. You should decide what kind of character you like. Do you like a Shoto character i.e. Ryu, Ken etc. or a charge character i.e. Bison, Balrog etc. or a grappling character i.e. Zangief etc. The list goes on and on. A good way to decide is to try their challenges out to learn a few of the characters main combos and special moves and then use them in arcade mode and training mode.

I already had filtered out charge characters as my main just because I hate the way they play so yeah just figure out your likes and dislikes.

Oh snap another Smash vs. the world post! I haven’t seen one of these since '08, hopefully this is just as dramatic.

@ AOS- I think I might try putting it on random and see how I feel about character I get that way. That sort of…random variable might be what I need. Thanks for the input. :slight_smile: