HELP Hori Fighting Stick 3 PC

I got a PS3 Hori Fighting Stick 3 (not HRAP3) to play it on PC, but it’s not working. The computer detects it as OK under status in Control Panel > Game Controllers, but when I go to settings, when I move the stick or press the buttons it doesn’t show up on the diagnostic. Anyone out there can help with the Hori Fighting Stick 3 on PC?

It needs a driver that can handle the stick. Windows doesn’t supply that. I got the same problem, and searched high, and low for a driver, but haven’t found anything. There are also other threads on this forum dedicated to the same problem. Hope something gets released for it soon.

could someone who is working on a driver please post here how far hes gotten ?
im in germany and buying a hrap3 would cost me about 130 euro thats WAY TOO MUCH money for me

thanks in advance

I actually do wonder if someone’s actually working on something.

seriously, how many times must this thread be made? do a search next time. theres already like 387456387456783 topics talking about the SAME THING