Help Getting In, and Getting Out?

I’m having trouble with two things (2 walls of text incoming):

  1. Getting in on Sagats, Ryus, and Dee Jays. (Surprisingly, not Guiles, and Sim as much, but I may find trouble in the future)
    It seems like even after I get in, they find a way to toss, or push me back to full-screen distances, where I cannot punish fireballs with Ultras etc.
    My mindset is currently:
    Full-screen: [Anticipating: Fireballs] currently walking forward, nj.HP, sometimes empty jump forwards.
    Mid-screen: [Anticipating: Fireballs, Anti-air moves.] Walking forward, nj.HP, fj. HP, or HK.
    Close-range: Hands pressure, combo attempts.
    But what seems to happen is that, by the time I get mid-screen, either i’m being making VERY little progress, or eating some kind of AA.
    If I do manage to get into close-range, I get thrown full-screen, or somehow pushed back to mid-full screen.

  2. Getting out of mix-ups, rushing etc. against: Yang, Juri, Fuerte etc. (Surprisingly, not so much of Yun, but i’m POSITIVE I will find trouble.)
    AA Porkchop? Mistimed or trades in their favor.
    Cross-ups? EX Headbutt doesn’t autocorrect sometimes(help?)
    Mix-ups? (see above)
    So what i’m getting at, what are Honda’s tools for AA, and wake-up.
    I know that porkchop works well, but not as well in other games.
    I’m pretty sure AA l.HB doesn’t work anymore.

(bonus question: Dan cr.mP to l.kicks. how to punish on block? D=)
Thanks in advance, for reading, and possibly helping my problem.

  1. For the most part you’re doing it right. Fullscreen, watch for fireballs and feel free to FADC absorb one or two as well. Doing this makes a zoner antsy and they try a little harder to make the next projectile hit, so expect a faster fireball next. Midscreen is where you want to be, as now tossing a fireball is potentially dangerous for them and puts the pressure on them to respond to your move. In short, don’t be the guy to move first. do the little walk back- walk forward, tense them out. Get them to do something unsafe like a bad fireball for a jumpin or stick a limb out to footsie with chop or roundhouse. The key here is patience, because they are looking for you to move first. Also keep in mind that if the range isn’t quite right to be a threat, neutral jumps are mostly good depending on matchups, just remember to get a charge going if your not making nj.fierce wobble, sometimes you can buttstomp a jumpback or have an ex headbutt ready for a jumpin. Close you pretty much have right.

  2. AA chop is good but ideally ex headbutt is the best. Some characters have jumpins that are tougher to beat depending on spacing, like a deep dive kick aimed at your head will beat a ex headbutt for example. Sometimes an ex splash can do it too, but keep that sparingly as those whiffs are horrendous.

Crossups are often better spent blocking unless your confident on training your opponent that you can’t be beat with it, like multiple successful ex headbutts to counter it. Proper timing to AC something is start the motion on the proper side, and finish it on the crossed up side. This means its relatively quick to do it with a ex headbutt, but sometimes a much more powerful mindgame is to AC u1 to smack em, easier to execute too IMO.

Mixups see above. If you have trouble with particular characters setups, might wanna check frame data and see what is safe and what isn’t, as Dan kicks are safe and we can’t punish them on block. If he tries to keep looping it like an online warrior would, best bet is probably nj to reset the situation, or to try and get an ex headbutt between the reps of it.

alright thanks, these helped a lot, i just have to improve on my anti-air timings and i’ll be set :slight_smile:

About getting on Ryu and Dee Jay, the most sensate thing is move slowly and make them corner themselves. Once in the corner keep enough distance to make fireballs unsafe while standing out of jump ins, ryus love to jump in after you try to jump in a fireball from full screen, so never do it. Just standing full screen while focusing and nj hp for seconds drives most ryus mad and will waste time on the rest that will force them to attack anyway.
Dee Jay is standard chun/guile stuff, block the fireballs and never jump, his ex fireballs are very much punishable with U1

For mix ups, the trick is do always do the same thing on wake up, they expect you to do a different thing after you get hit for it, so just keep either blocking on the opposite direction or low until it works. A well timed ex headbutt also beats most mix up options while standing safe on block.

Just a word about the cross-ups (since Hondas pretty susceptible to cross-ups anyway),
The best advice is to block, BUT the best defense is a good offense, and it feels damn good to AC any rush down character.
Go to the training room with Chun Li. Record her knocking you down and then have her do her flip kick and practice auto-correcting with with your headbutt and Ultra. Once you figure out the timing of the button presses, you’ll be able to AC a lot of cross up attacks, even the twins.
Not sure about DJ though. His knee is a beeeech and a half.