Help finding a certain Super Turbo site

I can’t remember this particular small Super Turbo strategy site that I haven’t IIRC seen in any ST site directory. I don’t think it’s the site owned by a Mr. Alex Kelly, it had its own forum with strategy and character sections, though it didn’t have a large number of posts, by something like recognizable ST players (only one I remember of the top of my head is djfrijoles (sorry if that’s spelled wrong)) (As if this would help, I know one other person who posted there has played Fuerte in recorded tournament matches against a Japanese Ryu, Dan From Japan, and that guy’s username might have had “metal” in it somewhere).

Reasonable skimming of a google search’s surface isn’t turning up much, so I’m wondering if somebody can’t belt out an answer for me before I start throwing myself at the search some more.

What’s wrong with this one?

Nothing, the info on Kelly’s site is good, just I’m looking for a particular similar site that also had a forum, which I’m having trouble finding a second time. Since it’s not likely anybody will be able to help me name it with the info I’ve given, I can take it to PMs.

Only one that I am aware of.

Are you positive the whole site/forum was ST-dedicated?

I think it had ST in the name and at least made that its focus, can’t remember if that was absolutely the only fighter it was based around. The only real feature I can remember of it was the individual character forums. (and I think the BG was orange though it’s not nohoho’s, thanks though)

you sure it wasnt Kellys site. it used to be called, had a forum, and had an orange background IIRC.

Shit, I guess it was, didn’t know it was changed. thanks much