HELP! FGwidget no configuration mode!?

So i started working on LED mod for my Dual modded TE (360 + Kitty) and so far i only hooked up 4 led which lights up when i press them which is fine but how come I can’t seem to access settings such as universal reset, tourne mode, and LP hold setting. :frowning: would finishing the rest of the LED light make it work, the last 2 buttons?

What i worked with
-360 TE
-KNsert 1.4

also no screensaver (cylon)

You mentioned the LEDs, but are the button signal lines connected to the *_IN points?

I also am having this issue. Sorry not to highjack. all the buttons are hooked up and wired. its a hitbox so the down and right are solid color on boot up. and the rest of the buttons lightup on button press. i cannot enter config mode. I plug it in. hold jab for 10 sec nothing… i rechecked the wiring its spot on. the reset works and tourney mode works. just cant seem to get into config mode. And screen saver mode never kicks off. Nasty pic coming soon.

ill recheck them after my classes but I’m pretty sure the signal are wired to the _IN points. also note the maybe its because i switched up wiring VCC and Ground on the KNsert cause i thought on default it should light up on press and not turn off on press.

I used this as somewhat of a guide.


Three pics showing all LEDs working. The 3 optionals in green two are permently lit. But rest work perfect. Except no cylon or setup mode.

Third Is my wiring, this is older the button signals are wired now also to the signal-in on the fgwidget.

I look forward to seeing your pictures of your wiring and setup.

Do you have a more up to date photo? I can’t help but wonder why only 1 tab of each microswitch is being used.
Take a multimeter, plug everything in, locate the GND and JAB_IN points. Measure the voltage with the button not pressed, and again with the button pressed.

Yes the buttons are now wired, at 2am last night when I gave up I didn’t photo it.

And measure on the fgwidget board? Grnd/jab-in? Or the led or the button?

on the board… he wants the measurement from the board when the button is not pressed and when it is pressed…

-The Signal from the terminal blocked are wired to the _IN.
-The _OUT are wired to the Ground on the KNsert.
-VCC of the KNsert is attached to the Ground Wire as shown from Picture 2.

I hope these pictures and explanation helps clears thing out.

I need you to measure the voltage on the JAB_IN board. Set your meter to test voltage, in the smallest setting over 5 volts (probably 20 volts), put the black probe on the GND spot, and the red probe on the JAB_IN spot. Check again with the button pressed.

Can you do the same please, checking the voltage on JAB_IN with and without the button pressed?

Ok i found my problem. The setup isnt liking my Extra buttons. the joystick buttons.
I will post everything I have. (i dont have a multimeter and trying to track one down)

ok so per the instructions the 3 additional button configuration goes like this.

PCB Signal connect to and pushbutton signal.
xtra_IO (which seems to be opposite of the other two)

The LED Line goes out to the signal for the LEDs.
Stick_OUT (which seems to be opposite of the other two)

the bottom two are causing the issues. if i disconnect those two on boot up cylon works. i can get into config and the top xtra_IO uses the splash animation. but doesnt register the pushbutton to light the LED on it. Im assuming because its still in joystick mode. and I cant hit the R_IN+L_IN buttons in Config to switch it to the 3 extra buttons. when i plug up the R-IN L_IN they stay dimmly lit the whole time.

Honestly I have little knowledge on how to use a multimeter but I set the one i found to “A solid line top dot line bottom” 20m and then i put the black probe on ground and red on JAB_IN i got -0.15 and -0.7 when button pressed.

20m is most likely DC current, 20mA range. You need DC voltage

lol I did that before and i thought i was doing something wrong cause i got 0… :frowning:

So i retried and yeah still 0

Toodles so found my issue. Im lost…

The last three extra buttons Ive soldered them every which way and I can’t get them to work.
Can you explain what the extra buttons should look like.

On the button distribution board that you soldered the signal wires to, theres two rows of QDs. One row is against the edge of the board, farthest away from the small ribbon connectors. The other row is is in the middle between the ribbon connectors and the other row of QDs. Do you know for sure where you soldered the signal lines to? Maybe a picture of the bottom of the button distro board showing where you soldered them?

Your description of the three in’s and three outs was correct, straight from the welcome sheet. You definitely do need to set the extra buttons mode though. Can you explain what you mean by "and I cant hit the R_IN+L_IN buttons in Config to switch it to the 3 extra buttons. "?

Even better video is coming.

Update!! Here is my problem.

This is how i wired it. I hope you tell me I’m wrong or something and changing it makes it work lol.

The wires going behind the terminal block are the Punches and the one that are clearly visible are the Kicks.

That’s what I was afraid off. That back row of points you soldered to are the grounds. The actual signal points are the row in the middle. Move the wires down to the middle row and it should behave better. As is, the LED controller will think those buttons are always pressed.

Those lines you pulled to let yourself get into config mode were the LED lines; the signal lines should still be connected, so when you held them both down when in config mode, it should have seen it and saved the settings so it would always be in extra button mode.

Set the display mode to one of the more basic settings, like Basic, Sparkle, Fade, or Fade On Release, save and exit setup mode, and reconnect the LEDs for right and left and let me know if they behave properly. The three extra leds dont get to use the same code as the main 8 when using the Lights Out, Splash, or Cylon modes.

That was it!! in basic mode they are all working. Well that sucks i wanted the splash on all the buttons… ok i guess i will wire them directly to power like i did for the UP button, and use the board just for the attack buttons to get the splash action.