Help dropping Korean stick in Te

Hey people I was just wondering how do I go about dropping a Korean stick into my TE. I was to late on the metal replacements with blk lightning so I’m kinda stuck getting my Korean experience unless I pay out 250 for the omni stick which I don’t have. If u have anything to help me achieve this I am deeply grateful.

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Well there is this new crown lever that was released recently I think. The model number is [LEFT]303F and basically it has a bracket that makes it fit in japanese mounted joysticks like the te and hori sticks. It is said to have a hybrid between the rubber and spring for the tension so the quality of the lever is more consistant with these sticks. You will need a connector to change 5 pin to 8 pin since korean sticks don’t have 5pin options. If you are looking to fit a korean stick in a te I’m guessing this would be the best choice that is if you could find a way to purchase it.[/LEFT]
here is the only link I could find with a picture of it. Also you can’t purchase from here since its korean and the shipping is only within korea I think.

pick up an harp 1,2,T5 or 3 remove the mounting plate and make the hole bigger add a small bock of wood or washers to get the right height Its the easiest retail stick to mod for Korean parts in the states I did it to one of my Hraps and it turned out great.

You should have:
Drill, 3-5 wood clamps and a table that you can clamp stuff to. Dremel with cutting wheels and other attachments.

Buy a 3/4 inch thick piece of wood and. Ideally it needs to be big enough to clamp over the metal te plate.

Buy a 1 3/8 hole saw drill bit. Drill the 1 3/8 inch hole into the wood and drill it straight. Now you have wood will a hole in it.

Take that wood. Center the Hole over the te metal plate joystick hole. Clamp wood and te plate it together to table.

Drill hole.

Take Korean stick put through hole, mark joystick mounting holes, Drill. Bolt.

Dremel TE center plastic so Korean Joystick can fit.

If you still wanted to get a blklightning21 Korean metal panel, you can get one from the trading outlet. Someone is selling one here: FGC-related t-shirts

hey thanks for taking the time out to respond with the great feedback everyone, hell now i got a plan A, B, and C.

I got a Thick plexi and just mounted to that… but a warning, the base of the stick doesn’t fit that well into the TE, I had to dremel some plastic

you mean the thick plexi from art where you dont need the metal panel?

yeah its better to go with an an old Hrap there is a lot more room than in a TE

Hmm well I might just wait til I find a sweet deal on a hrap or if that don’t happen buy me a dremel and start Modding thanks for the feedback everyone

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