Help Dealing with Hulk and Sentinel

Well basically I need help dealing with Hulk and Sent armor.

It took me a while before I realized I could punish alot of hulks whiffed normals, but alot of the time, sentinel force assist interrupts me before I can punish. I’m talking about beating my friend who’s team is Hulk, Haggar, and Sentinel.

Basically he calls sentinel and then continues to rush, once I am in the midst of blocking sentinel rockets, he then jumps and mixes it up with highs and lows. With hulk I think there is like a floating animation if you do j.H -> j.S. You have to block both of those attacks high, similar to wolverines J.Fierce -> J.HK in MvC 1. However instead of doing J.H followed by J.S, sometimes he merely lands and tries to grab, lands and attacks low, or simply does J.H and then lands and attacks low. This is an extremely bad situation for me and since i’m slow I always end up in it.

I figured if I see sentinel, i can just super and punish sentinel regardless if hulk is blocking or not, as long as I can punish sentinel when hes called out as an assist.

The problem is, I dont really hear anything when sentinel comes out. I just basically see the rockets and by then it’s too late as hulk is already in my face.

I also cannot engage hulk, as my friend constantly does S.H which has armor. It absorbs my attack, hits me, bounces me off the ground, and you know the rest.

Are projectiles my only option vs hulk? Or maybe I can just SJ over sentinel assist and then try and bait hulks normals while sent assist is unavailable? Is there any simpler way of dealing with this that I am overlooking?

Also, in the event that I manage to kill off hulk, haggar isn’t really that much of a problem, although I do get BS’d by his ground combo thing that bounces you off the ground. My other problem is dealing with sentinel, as it’s his last char. Is there a way to easily punish sentinels whiffed S attack? It seems like it leaves him open for a while but i’m scared to rush in and try and punish it.


I’ve been using Wolverine, Akuma, and experimenting with numerous other characters. Which is why I didnt list my team. Currently looking for a team that deals with this and a whole lot of other matchups.

I might pick up Wesker.

It’s hard for us to give you specifics if you don’t include your team.

I didn’t include my “team” because I don’t have a set team yet. The only characters I would say i’m sticking with is Akuma, and Wolverine. I might pick up amaterasu or wesker.

I would consider putting a beam assist in the third slot to help you approach and deal with armored normals. Doom rocks is also worth thinking about.

In addition to a beam, you might consider a char with more mobility; air dashes or teleports help keep you from getting locked down. Wesker is good for this, although not the best. Magneto in particular punishes spam with his assist as well as handling armor rather well with his square jumps and fast MM stuff. Push blocks do much to keep you out of mixup situations although I’m not sure how Hulk specifically reacts to this. I know Ama is rather difficult to push block out which will help you pile on the pressure. Most of sents moves are massively unsafe if whiffed and left to its own devices so push on him and get the combo. Once you’re on top of Sent keep on the pressure but be wary of sticking to the ground lest a stray c. m lead to an untimely death.

Excuse my ignorance, but what’s a square jump?

Its a jump with a quick air dash forward, creating a square sotospeak. Contrast with tridash which is air dashing down forward which, as you might guess, creates a triangle. Both result in essentially fast low jump ins with tri being harder to time and only allowing light for the most part and square going further and being easier to hit. Both have their uses, tri generally being a mix up tool and square generally being an advancing method. Using this technique you can get mags MMs to break armor or another thought is doom since his M is 2 hits anyway. Being jump ins you can get a combo out of it if you do break through and really make them rethink things. Additionally both chars have solid assists for preventing opps from mashing even armor buttons, mags disrupt and dooms pretty much anything.

A square jump is when you jump (with a character that can dash in the air, in this case magneto who can dash 8 ways forward , up ,down, backward, up forward ,up back ,down forward ,down back) and then air dash immediattly forward so it looks like he is moving in a square he jumps up starting the box, goes foward and then down like this.

Square Jump Example

A tri jump (or triangle jump as its abbreviated) is to jump and then immediately dash down forward which is very similar to a square jump.

Triangle Jump Example

Characters with tri jumps and square jumps

Magneto, Storm, Pheonix, Dormmamu, Iornman, Modok, Thor, Cviper Trish,

Characters with grappling hook type moves that can be used for square jumps.

Amaterasu, Spencer, Spider Man (also has a airdash webswing)

Characters with only 1 or 2 way air dash capable of square jumps.

Dante , Chunli, Zero(special exception as his command dashes allow this as well), Tron, Viewtiful Joe, Hsien Ko,

Hope this helps with your choices.