Help: Blocking Air Special (X) after Air Trick

I just recently started playing online player match

but I am having trouble blocking Dante’s air Special (X) after his Air Trick.

Problem is, i know its a standard trick and I never had any problem blocking that during offline mode. When player use that even without the help of the assist to create the mix up, I was standing up and blocking the opposite direction since Dante appears behind me. But somehow I always gets hit and end up in the combo consequently. Am I doing something wrong?

Any help is appreciate it as I lost quite a few matches that I was suppose to win due to the opponent abusing this on me I just simply couldnt block no matter which direction i block.


What exactly are you getting hit with?

Hi, i am just getting hit with the Air Special from Dante right after he does his Air Trick.

I try to block it from the other direction since the air trick makes Dante appears behind the opponent… but i just cant seem to block it.

Could it be the latency issue sometimes?

What air special?

air S i think is what he means. anyways, you can easily blow up dantes that use that out of a tele unassisted by either airthrowing or just launching and doing your bnb. if you absolutely know its coming, you can even go dash under him and do your best punisher.

i see isee, thanks rogueyoshi, that is a good suggestion.

I think i kind of understand why I cannot block it now, in some matches when the latency is high, if i do not initiate the block fast enough, it will not register… its taking me a while to get used to online game play

I think i will stick to dashing and punish wenever someone does that without assist