Help, are there any lag-free 32 inch monitors out there?

Hey guys, just wondering if you can help me out here.

I’ve purchased this monitor and it seems to have lag when playing fighters (tekken 6 and mvc3):, i was hoping if there was some sort of device or way to make it lagless? Or i guess if there is another 32 inch monitor you guys suggest i should have to replace it? Thank you much!


Try the Panasonic G30 series. Apparently they have ~15ms of lag. Rather expensive but worth it if you really want a big screen.

so you’re saying those are completely lag-free? thanks for the quick reply btw

Is that actually 15ms of lag, or a 15ms response rate, cause there is a HUGE difference.

input lag

I think ASUS released a bigger monitor recently with only 2MS delay. It’s 27 inches. Here’s a link, but I don’t recommend buying frys overpriced products

Panasonic Viera TCL32X1 if you can find one is the best you can get.

The 2ms is pixel response time and is unrelated to input lag, which is not advertised.

I own 32" LG 32LD350

I dont notice any input lag when using through vga, i have this hooked up to my Kraylix…

Yeah the LD350 is really good too and you can actually find them unlike the TCL32X1.

hrmm I actually have an LD350 and had no idea it was great for FGs :o