Help Against Urien

I’m annoyed that they took down the thread that had to deal with this so I was wondering if anybody knew any good Ryu strategies against Urien or if anybody knew where to find some good strats against him. He seems to be my hardest matchup.

Denjin? thats the best super against Urien.

Watch more Urien videos especially Ryu vs Urien. (Namijin vs RX [2 sets]), (Ruu vs RX), (Tottori vs RX), ([media=youtube]KO64pxWrDWg&feature=channel_page[/media])
Those are only a few i can name of. Watch Vanao vs Pierre if you want but I dont like the way Vanao plays so aggressively and loses.

My own advice as a denjin pro - anticipate some of Urien’s moves and parry them and punish.
Ryu’s crouching fierce punch has good range so use that as well.
Dont be scared of those aegis setups. learn to counter some setups as well with shoryu on wakeup.