Help about countering

Hi anyone here can give me advice how to counter any character when you are in the corner. Because I’m having a hard time to counter enemies when I’m stuck in the corner. I’m using K-groove Rolento.

Please Help…

Rolento has a hard getting out of the corner, especially without a roll and is matched against a domineering character. The best you can hope for is a lucky Scouter Jump, JD -> throw them into the corner/Escape, they just ease up the pressure on you.

thanks for the info, anyway can i use mid punch of Rolento to counter their moves in the air when I’m cornered?

Wall jump is a good way to keep yourself from being cornered if you use it at the right time. I find myself in a lot of trouble if I get cornered because his doesn’t counter a lot of jump ins because of the angle you are forced to use…

your standing MP will hit at all the wrong angles if you’re cornered. He doens’t have any good anti-airs at that angle, except for JD.

It his some jump in attacks.

Can I JD when I use the 3kick ?

Yes, you can.

Are you sure of that?? because I really always do that but its so hard to JD when you are in the air.

yes you can.

hehehe, yes you can, tol. scouter jump is like a normal jump, so what you can do in a normal jump, you can in a scouter jump, like parry, jd, cc, airblock.

now if we could just roll cancel…

I have tried practice it in the arcade yesterday. It really works RC scooter jump, but i only make 3 times :frowning: its so hard to do RC.