Help a SRK mod out with a simple Skullgirls avatar

I will keep this easy.

I play painwheel, valentine, parasoul

I just want a team pic of the 3 with “MegamanDS” on it somewhere. I am one of the best players in the world right now

[10:21:37 PM] sev: also it’s easy to be one of the best players in the world when there’s 10 people that take it seriously

I’d choose one of them. Avatars are 160x160 or something like that as a max size - getting 3 chars together and a caption on top is not gonna work out well.

What is this even for rofl

Parasoul if I have to pick one.

<3 severin, where did he post that?

da verry bes

I linked the thread in a skype chat about half a minute after you posted it.

I wanted to tweet a screencap of your opening post, too, but it failed for some reason

I like to stir the pot if you know me…

Might pick this up if no one else does.

Hey, um, do you still want this done?

Yes I do but no one did it<br><br>