Help a Sacramento Game Store that was robbed and win a PS4 TE2!

Gamerz Phunk Lab is a really amazing family that owns a local video game store in Sacramento. They have let all of the fighting game players in with open arms, and they do alot to help support the players that come to the tournaments I host there. From giving away sticks and consoles, to sponsoring players for NCR, they care about the players and customers to come visit them, hang out to play. If you are ever in the Sac area, please stop by.

On Monday April 20th, they were robbed. Nobody was hurt, but some consoles were stolen and there was damage to the store and some equipment. Even though insurance will cover the lost merchandise, they are still required to pay for the repairs. When I asked them how much were the damages, the owners told me it was close $2000.

We are going to raffle off a USF4 TE2 to help out with expenses that Gamerz Phunk Lab . It will be $10 an entry (unlimited entries) and 100% of it will go to GPL. I am not looking for any particular goal to reach to help them, but any amount helps! If we can help cover for all of repairs, that would be amazing! You can purchase entries online here or buy raffle tickets at the tournament this Saturday. We will post the winner next Saturday May 2nd on Twitter and Facebook. Gamerz Phunk Lab is having some awesome deals this week too, so please do what you can to support this awesome local business!